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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mean IRS Lady

I know I haven't blogged in almost 2 months. I know I told my sister I thought it was pretty much finished. I'm engaged, I'm moving, I got a job at a new school, I'm getting married. Things are good. Aside from packing. And aside from the fucking IRS lady. I know this sounds so juvenile, but she was really mean on the phone today and I really hate her. I told her that she "got attitude" with me and I ended up hanging up. Then I cried and called my dad. When he found out what it was about he asked, "Is that all that's wrong?" He thought I "hit a child or a dog or something." I guess I can't blame him. I called the IRS back again, I had a much nicer IRS lady on the line. It'll be Ok. But I still hate them.


Blogger Earnest said...

im so glad you came back!!

5:11 PM  

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