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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I have a pretty decent memory. I can remember all of my students name in less than a week. That's about 150 at a time. And when I switch kids 9 weeks later, I can learn the new 150 of them in less than a week too. Right now, I'd say I know at least 90% of the 6th graders names at my school. Dude, that's like at least 500 kids. Plus last years 6th graders, I remember most of them. So yeah. I can remember stuff.

Except that I can't. I can NEVER remember the abreiviations for teaspoon and tablespoon. I can never remember which way I'm supposed to turn my car wheels when parking on a hill (not many hills in Florida) and it wasn't until a few years ago that Al and stopped calling each other mid August and say, "Is El's birthday the 28th? or the 29th?" (El, we KNOW now. It's the 29th.)

I rarely remember details from movies. Unless it's a movie that I really liked or really hated. I can recite for you the entire script of The Little Mermaid but tell you the plot of a movie I saw this summer? Fat chance. I probably do a bit better with books. But ti's sort of the same thing. If I have no use for it, don't care or had no impression, it goes in the "Garbage Out" section of my brain and gets filtered out so that I have enough room to remember what I was wearing for every birthday and what I was doing almost every Thanksgiving.

So when I can still vividly remember a book I read 10 years previously and only once, it must have made an impact. And that impact EXPLODED when I saw the movie Capote tonight. SOOOooooooo intense. Read the book first, "In Cold Blood". Then see the movie. Wow.


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