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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Allowed and Not Allowed

Those Allowed to be at the Laudramat:

1. Latinos y latinas y sus ninos. They're neat, clean and their kids are cute. They don't/can't talk to me. I dont'/can't talk to them. Perfect.

2. Rednecks. They talk to each other only and get out. Fast.

3. Single teachers, nurses and firemen, like me, who live in this county and get a fabulous deal on an apartment without washer/dryer.

Those NOT Allowed at the Laundramat:

1. Big fat black ladies taking up the aisle, smelling like fish and de-staining their undergarments for all to see. Sick.

2. Creepy 50+ men looking at me, but not as much as he's looking at my laundry. DON'T talk to me and DON'T look at my underwear. Sick.


Blogger Earnest said...

i'll stipulate to these new laundry requirements...but i'd like to include the rednecks on the not allowed list..just in case.

i once had every pair of my socks stolen from the laundry mat at UD..true story

6:19 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

From hence forth washer/dryer-less apartments are not acceptable.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Einstein said...

ewww. . . to the fish smelling lady. I think this calls for drastic measures. You need to create then hang a sign in laundromat that reads something like the following:

Dear Fish Kooter,

Life can deal us some tough blows sometimes. But no blow is too harsh to prevent us from purschasing those few things we call necesseties. (1) de-oderant (2)tampons (3)soap! But just in case this blow has been a little rougher than usual I giving you a few bars. Now, sweetie, go wash that fish smelling kooter of yours before your crouch rots and falls out.

your neighbor

PS I threw in a baby ruth for you.

5:55 PM  
Blogger Earnest said...

damn you are nasty, al!

6:02 PM  

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