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Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Week

You know those weeks when everything "clicks"? I had one of them this week. It was one of those weeks when you get everything accomplished, are mentally stimulated, get your prayers done every morning and also have a lot of fun doing. It. All. You know what I'm talking about. It was also one of those weeks where you get extra special things that were unexpected. Here are a few:

1. A turbie twist. I have often witnessed the use of the turbie twist, and today, I broke down and bought one. El is smiling through her internet right now.

2. Fun times with family. Visiting sisters, musical sisters, good TV with Dad, and hanging with the Grannies. Good times.

3. Football. Great week for long and late games. Not a great week for FSU. That's Ok. I have accepted it. Dismayed, perhaps that I stayed up past 1am watching them LOOSE. But thankful, I did not drive down there.

4. Three Kings Pary. WHY HAVE I NEVER BEEN TO ONE OF THOSE BEFORE?!?!?! My BF's family had one yesterday, and I am so GLAD I made the trip for this. It was a progressive party, with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma's, grandpa's, great-grandma and siblings. Going house to house, while the little kids collected stars at every location as if we were the Magi, looking for baby Jesus. Also, each house was a "continent". Unfortunately, I arrived 1/2 way through, but with time enought for Africa with an African dessert. Then on to South America with a pinata. And finally Europe with Italian, Irish, German and Swiss desserts. There were art projects for the kids. The Italian version of Santa arrived at the last stop. They even got the corresponding beers for each continent! Obviously these people are NOT ameteures. Yeah. I was impressed and you would have been too.


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