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Friday, November 25, 2005


Last year, I rang in the Thanksgiving festivities remembering those Thanksgivings of past. But Thanksgiving last year, really was kind of a pain. This year, I am happy to report, was a winner in my book and has potential only to get better from here.

It started out with sweat pants and pizza Tuesday night in celebration of the multiple days off. Wednesday was a lot of errands, oil change, laundry and baking. Baking. Yum. The actual Thanksgiving day began with a 6am wake-up call from my BF because he was picking up some of the baked goods to take with him to his family. Then I got to leisurely watch silly morning news programing where I learned that Jessica and Nick have officially separated - which only made me drift happily off to sleep. Those two always make me thankful on Thanksgiving. Thankful that I am ME and not THEM, for goodness sake!

When I finally did decide to wake up, I was entertained by afore-mentioned favorite, Dawson's Creek while straightened, showered, blow-dried and straightened. I hopped in the car and arrived at the fam's around 1, ready to finish the traditional dog show viewing and chow down.

After the meal, we decided it was a good idea to have a show down between the "shorties" and the "tallsters" in a tennis match. Of course, the tallsters were victorious, 6-3, 6-3. There has already been discussion of a rematch. During the second set, someone remarked that "Dad would really liked to have been there." We should definitely form some sort of annual tournament or something from now on.

Showers came next, followed by a discussion on books with Mom and Dad. Which was convenient because it solidified the success of my present to my dad for his birthday when he stated that the editors of had raved about the book I got him. Remarkable for the fact that when I had told my dad, months ago, not to buy the biography of Mother Angelica for himself, he said, "Oh, I would never buy that book." Throwing my already planned present off track. I decided to give it anyway, knowing that he WOULD like it and also knowing that he'd be laid up in bed for over a month, so he'd have some quality reading time. Obviously, the editors of have more status than me in book advising. Obviously.

Finally, the women all went to see Pride and Prejudice, which was wonderful. As a devoted fan of the book and the BBC version, I definitely recommend this new one, and I headed back to my home, talking with Al all the way.

I don't think you can do much better for Thanksgiving break than all that. And there are still 2.5 days left.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good:
I think I've lost 5 pounds in 2 days. And I got new flip flops in the mail that Beatrix hipped me to. Pretty

The Bad:
Food poisoning from a Sonic inside of a Walmart. Yeah, I'm never eating Sonic, fast food or anything made and prepared inside of a Walmart AGAIN.

The Ugly:
My shoes from yesterday are still sitting outside my front door. I saw ants on them. Yes, that means that I DID throw up on them when I gingerly stepped out of my car after work yesterday. That hasn't happened in a while. You know, since college and my more drinking days.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Football Frustration

I've always been the sort of girl who can hang with the guys. The whole male vs. female thing, I never completely got. Meaning:

I'm not completely down with the fruity fru-fru drinks. Beer, gin and tonics - those'll do.

I once went to a baby shower with Al and El and when we left, I said that I needed a beer.

I wear men's tennis and running shoes. They fit my foot better and they hold up better than women's shoes.

A few years back I completely irritated my mom because I wouldn't let her buy me any bed linens with flowers on them.

Not that I'm anti-girl or anti-feminine or anything. I like candles and flowers and things that smell good and decorating and clothes and sequens. Sugar and spice and everything nice. I embrace the woman in me. But I'm also all about girl-power and ass kicking and all that.

The final thing I'd like to point out in my defense of my tuff-ness is sports. I play sports, I grew up watching sports. I can hold my own in most sports conversations. I used to read my dad's Sports Illustrated every week. I was even the editor of the sports section of my college newspaper. Heck, I even had a boyfriend once told me that I was more up on football than he was.

So, the whole man going off to play golf and leaving woman behind. Or, more specifically, man watching football and woman being annoyed, never was never something I experienced. After all, I lived in a college football town. My dad used to take me to Dolphins games. I even would venture to say that I LIKE football.

Maybe I just didn't get it. Maybe I had been involved with guys with some feminine traits (no, not gay...just metro). Maybe I've just been around those who are not of my team preferences. Maybe 1 game a weekend is my limit. Maybe I just had absolutely no idea how much football, or sports could mean. But wow, will I be happy when football season is over.

Don't get me wrong. I think I'm a pretty good girlfriend and a pretty good friend, for that matter. I have Gator friends. I even had a Gator boyfriend, which is pretty much one of the worst things you could possibly be. However, a Fighting Irish fan would be inexcuseable. And so sitting through a Canes game against VT is definitely not the worst I've experienced. Really, the Hurricans are not the issue. It's more the Dolphins. And I LIKE the Dolphins. They're not very good right now, of course, but I like the Dolphins. So why is it now that I'm hoping they loose, so that my BF looses interest in them and the entire season?

And believe me, I've told him. I can accept the fact that I'm tired of the football season.

Looks like you should welcome Grace to her arrival as a real woman.