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Monday, October 10, 2005

Power Proof

My boyfriend told me yesterday that he plans on shaving his goatee. This is insteresting for a few reasons:

a. He has afore mentioned that he has worn the goatee for 10 years and would never shave it if a girl asked.

b. He keeps it nice and neat and clean, in my opinion.

c. I've never been really keen on facial hair. But since he seemed to be so stuck to it, I figured it wasn't important.

d. I sort of got used to it.

e. I never asked him to shave it. Ever.

f. I am very happy about the plans to shave it.

g. I know that if I had said something about it, it wouldn't be leaving. But I didn't. I may have hinted slyly. Eventually, he comes around to my conclusion. The goatee is out.

h. Everyone eventually comes around.

i. Grace is always right.


Blogger Grace said...

PS. Al, don't email him a link to this blog.

11:24 PM  
Blogger Einstein said...

now would I do that - cause then he'd have a link to mine and earnest's and that would not be oh so good. But THANK GOD!!!! that goatee is going for several reasons
(a) facial hair is for old men
(b) kissing a boyfriend with facial hair is like kissing sandpaper or a cat either way you end up chafed and with hair in your mouth.
Why don't you just make love to your carpet?

1:19 PM  

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