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Friday, October 07, 2005


You could say it's been rainy. You could actually say it's been ridiculously rainy. Combine that with updating my itunes library and you get Grace listening to Billie Holliday. Which, as many of you can imagine, only leads to a trip down memory lane:

It was about 1am in the plaster room. 38 degrees outside. 3 junior sculpture students were trying to make a deadline. Sculpting aligators and dolphin tales and fish that never were finished. Playing on the boom box that night was Billie Holiday's Greatest Hits.

When much to the 2 female's dismay, the male sculpture student exclaimed, "Man, her voice just makes me want to run out and make love to a woman!"

Ahhh. Sometimes we should all be reminded of such a sentence.


Blogger Earnest said...

obviously i know who the male student was :)
can i just say that today i too was listening to billie holiday! she is one of my favorites!! i listen to her all the fact today i had her on and my roommates accused me of being old!!
ps WTF??? you changed your screen format?!!??!?!?!
pps ...i like it

2:07 AM  
Blogger Einstein said...

earnest - when you listen to billie do you then run out and make love to a woman? or in your case a married woman???

1:13 PM  

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