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Friday, October 28, 2005

The Best

These are the 10 best things about not having work this week. They are made possible by the fact that I am one of the proud and few who never lost power:

1. 2 hours of Dawson's Creek EVERY DAY.
2. Enjoying coffee from my percolator and not gulping a crappy cup in 10 minutes before class.
3. Online purchases.
4. Beginning Christmas present shopping.
5. Decorating magazines.
6. Beaded and sequened creations for my apartment.
7. $1.50 clip-frames at Walmart.
8. Feeling like a total redneck while waiting in line to get into Walmart after it had been closed for 3.5 days.
9. The Dollar Tree.
10. 2 hours of Dawson's Creek 9-11, right when I want it.


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