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Friday, October 28, 2005

The Best

These are the 10 best things about not having work this week. They are made possible by the fact that I am one of the proud and few who never lost power:

1. 2 hours of Dawson's Creek EVERY DAY.
2. Enjoying coffee from my percolator and not gulping a crappy cup in 10 minutes before class.
3. Online purchases.
4. Beginning Christmas present shopping.
5. Decorating magazines.
6. Beaded and sequened creations for my apartment.
7. $1.50 clip-frames at Walmart.
8. Feeling like a total redneck while waiting in line to get into Walmart after it had been closed for 3.5 days.
9. The Dollar Tree.
10. 2 hours of Dawson's Creek 9-11, right when I want it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I Command...

that Al posts about her Perfect 10 date. Soon. No, scratch that - IMMEDIATELY!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Multi-Task

It seems since my return to reality after a fabulous weekend conferencing in Miami that life has been running at a break-neck speed. And it's only Tuesday - things have GOT to slow down, or I might not make it to Thanksgiving. Heck, I might not make it to Friday.

The conference was just what the doctor ordered. I heard a presentor say that conferences should do 3 things:

Give you lots of free stuff. What's up vendors? Check.
Give you some good ideas for your classroom. Check.
And sort of light a fire under your butt. To inspire, if you will. Check.

Consequently, new project today. Cave paintings. Yes.

I also had lots of good conversations with other teachers, which is probably the coolest part. That's where you really get the cool ideas. Give away your cool ideas. Laugh. Compare. Contrast. And those conversations always leave you thinking.

Those unplanned, late-night, while-waiting for a slow elevator, and then have to be taken to the nearest couch in the hotel lobby, are the best. I realized that I'm not the only who is a mostrous procrastinator and an even bigger multi-tasker. That I'm not the only one who could not tell you where her keys and wallet are at this minute, how much money is in her bank account, or the last time she fed her pet rabbit. But I could sing you all the presidents of the United States, recite the pledge of allegence in Spanish, and tell you the 4 qualifications of Gothic Architecture.

That's just the way it is. It's the way I work. Sometimes I think I play, "Let's see how much we can pack into a 50 minute block. Drawing animals, making matts for other teachers. checking email, entering grades, organizing the colored pencils. Do these tasks ever include cleaning out the storage room? Or cleaning the office? Or perhaps even cleaning off the 2 foot pile of CRAP on my huge desk? No. Never.

Dude, my job is teaching kids. Not cleaning.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bienvenidos a Miami

Well, tomorrow I'm off. Thanks again, in part, to our Hebrew bretheren, and to a committe at schoool, I am headed south to be among "my people". And no, I'm not Cuban. Or Jewish. Or a Treckie.

I'm realizing that "my people" sounds rather Treckie-ish.

I'm off to the annual Florida Art Education Convention. Where I will learn cool stuff about how to teach art. Be among hundreds of art teachers. And see some old professors. I hear you can get a lot of cool free art teacher stuff too.

Like aprons. And pencils. And bags. I could SO use a cute apron. Hopefully not one with the logo for the biggest school art supplier in the country. Because the name of that school art supplier is "Dick Blick". Why would they do that? Seriously. WHY? Any time a kid picks a marker up, or an eraser, or a crayon with "Dick Blick" on it, it's bound to cause a disturbance.

I'm so ready. I have all my stuff packed. With a home decor magazine, the newest issue of Us Weekly, some facial masks and my nail supplies. I'm ready for that King-size bed at the Radisson and maybe a Mojito too.

Hasta luego!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Power Proof

My boyfriend told me yesterday that he plans on shaving his goatee. This is insteresting for a few reasons:

a. He has afore mentioned that he has worn the goatee for 10 years and would never shave it if a girl asked.

b. He keeps it nice and neat and clean, in my opinion.

c. I've never been really keen on facial hair. But since he seemed to be so stuck to it, I figured it wasn't important.

d. I sort of got used to it.

e. I never asked him to shave it. Ever.

f. I am very happy about the plans to shave it.

g. I know that if I had said something about it, it wouldn't be leaving. But I didn't. I may have hinted slyly. Eventually, he comes around to my conclusion. The goatee is out.

h. Everyone eventually comes around.

i. Grace is always right.

Friday, October 07, 2005


You could say it's been rainy. You could actually say it's been ridiculously rainy. Combine that with updating my itunes library and you get Grace listening to Billie Holliday. Which, as many of you can imagine, only leads to a trip down memory lane:

It was about 1am in the plaster room. 38 degrees outside. 3 junior sculpture students were trying to make a deadline. Sculpting aligators and dolphin tales and fish that never were finished. Playing on the boom box that night was Billie Holiday's Greatest Hits.

When much to the 2 female's dismay, the male sculpture student exclaimed, "Man, her voice just makes me want to run out and make love to a woman!"

Ahhh. Sometimes we should all be reminded of such a sentence.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I Hate Today

As a teacher of 11-year-olds, I have the privilege of seeing kids raw. Unpolished and unplugged.

Sometimes it's gross. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's sweet. Nose picking. Pre-teen flirting. Super creative ingenuity. Sneakiness.

But whenever it happens, that I see that pure and unadulturated "kid-ness", it takes me back. Or it makes me feel sympathy for being 11 and awkward. And other times, it makes me think, "Was I like that?" or "Huh, maybe I should try that."

Like the other day, I had to jump on someone and move him at the isolation table. To which he complied, threw down his books, flipped over the paper he had been drawing on and wrote in big, fat, capital letters, "I HATE TODAY!"

Remember when we used to do that. We used to write, "I like ----," or "I'm bored," or when we were on the last straw, "I hate today!"

The next time I get a flat tire, I hit the snooze too many times, stub my toe, spill catch up on my shirt, burn the cookies, or loose my keys. I'm definitely going to rip out a piece of paper and tell it how I feel.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy New Year!

Thanks to my Hebrew Bretheren who provided me with this day off in the middle of the week!