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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Some Things

The past few weeks have flown by. Here's a bullet list of what's going on:

* I started working on the yearbook

* I got a bunch of boxes from my dad, who had a bee in his bonnet about cleaning out the storage unit. This box contains scrap books, high school athletic plaques and other useless things that give me a head ache.

* I got a desk. A desk that I really like. I put it together and I'm using it now.

* I got a roommate.

* Because of the roommate, I now pay 1/2 of all the bills and feel much better about myself. She appreciates my Rome room, my rabbit, wine, beer, art, and shoes. However, she does not understand Napoleon Dynamite, which of course is an obvious drawback.

* I upgraded my computer situation to FAST DSL (since I have a roommate, I can now afford it) and it's wonderful.

* I'm TRYING to upgrade the computer situation to wireless internet. But it has been unsuccessful and frustrating.

* I got to go to a really fun party wtih my boyfriend and his family. They seems to like me, which is good. Because I definitely like them.

* I got to experience my boyfriend's family DISLIKING someone. Which was a hillarious and fun experience. It also made me thankful that they actually like me.

* A committee accepted my proposal to spend $500 to send me to a conference in a few weeks, which is amazing. Especially since I had been told "not to get my hopes up" - obviously, art is a priority to someone.

* I've updated my itunes to the neccessities. Important.

* I caught the Journey bug. Don't Stop Believin'!

* I bowled 112 to games in a row - huge!

* I rekindled my love for Tom Collins. Where has he been for 5 years? Vodka Mmmmm...


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Blogger Earnest said...

wait now that you have twice as much money as you did before what excuse are you going to use for not visting???
ps prune juice??? dude..

12:41 PM  

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