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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Kicking off the School Year Country Style

So it was back to the real world of working people for me last week. Everything is great and my coworkers have been fun to see again - especially since I wasn't the "new" person anymore. AND especially since I'm not the youngest anymore. There are at LEAST 2 others younger than me. YES!

It's also been awesome, because I got a real artroom. You know, since I AM a real art teacher. No more putting wet paintings on the floor. No more stepping over sculptures. No more barely-elbow-room. And, no more scanty supplies. The room I have inherited is huge. Cabinents, drawers, office, phone. Amazing. The only thing is that with all htose cabinents and drawers, there is an assload of stuff to go through. There might be rubber bands, wall paper paste, paint trays, charcoal, chalk. There even might be bags of rice and beans with spiders in them. Needless to say, it's been quite an adventure going through everything. I don't think it's been organized in at least 5 years. Which is awesome, because there's good stuff that I can definitely use. But isn't awesome, because it's absolutely overwhelming.

It's also very dirty. So I've gone through an entire bottle of lysol and 2 tubs of disinfecting wipes. The whole time, I was thinking about the hundreds and thousands of slimy, snotty, disgusting middle-school hands that have touched it all. I kept washing my hands and taking all necessary precautions; however, it looks like I'm about to start off the 2005-2006 school year sick. You know, one of those perks of the job. I'm just hoping this isn't a precident. Dude, the KIDS haven't even shown up yet!

Meanwhile, pre-sickness, I enjoyed my first big country concert on Friday night. "Big" meaning, non-Billy Bob's (the world's largest honkey tonk). It was Toby Keith at the big outdoor amphitheater. And it was very cool, in a very redneck sort of way. Unfortunately, we got to witness a disgustingly drunk, fat and obnoxious 18 year old puke his GUTS out while pre-gaming. I guess it's only fair, right? But the performance and songs and great company definitely outweighed that incident, as well as the horrific leaving-the-parking-lot-situation.

The next day, I made a big brunch, watched TV and started sneezing. Spent the rest of the evening in my bed with crossword puzzles, gatorade, and Law in Order.


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