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Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Covers of Beatles

So this weekend, the annual Dancin' in the Street event took place, making for an unusually exciting and fun Saturday night. I was pumped when I heard there would be a Beatles cover band performing, because what could be better than that? Furthermore, one of the best memories I have of college is a Hard Night's Day, a Beatles cover band, performing on campus and dancing to Three Cool Chicks.

I was impressed that the rinky dink Beatles cover band performing last night actually dressed up as if they were John, Paul, George and Ringo. Cheesy yes, but hey, it's a cover band, it's going to be cheesy regardless. Why not embrace it?

I even got a little tipsy, complete with the hic-ups and some room-spinning feelings, which is always a fun thing.

Tomorrow is exciting, because I should get my DSL hook ups in the mail and be ready to welcome my apartment to the year 2005. This dial up is just not cutting it. So, be ready for more posts and fun stuff.

And for Earnest, I hope you're far, far out of the state and safe and dry. Boo on Katrina. Hissssss...


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