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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


A year ago, I didn't think I'd here, writing my happy first anniversary to my blog. Though it's not as eventful or commentful as it was in it's hey-day (the month of October) and though I've found it hard to compete with some of the more exciting and well-constructed blogs, I'm very proud of it.

Happy birthday, blog!

Probably as fitting for my year anniversary here, it was also my first day back at school. Both, very good things. Great things about the new school year are:

My new, big beautiful classroom, which is a REAL artroom
New, young tennis playing teacher, who claims she's been working as a "semi-professional" - we'll see about that, sister.
Being back on a regular schedule.
One coworker practically YELLING over a room about how much she loved my "Letter to the Editor". And as everyone in the room asked me what it was about, she conveniently dipped out. Leaving me in quite a controversial lurch. But it's cool: she's a language arts teacher and she said I'm a good writer.


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