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Friday, June 17, 2005

Moving Day

Well, tomorrow's the big move.

I'm really excited to go from a expensive 1 bedroom apartment to a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment for $300 LESS. But I'm not super excited about hauling all my crap 1.5 miles across town.

It'll be worth it.

So will the painted walls that I have planned. I purchased 2 buckets today at Walmart. One in Rosemary and one in Rosey Brown. The home decoration magazines I've been reading this summer have turned into some interesting schemes that I have already come up with and been making in my off-blogging and off-the-court time this summer.

And my Rome Wall will be spectacular. You'll be jealous. Really. Jealous. Probably almost as jealous of the Rome Wall as you'd be of the tan that I'm rocking now. And my serve, thanks to tennis camp fun, is pretty damn awesome. Or at least it was today. Wow.

In other news: Congrats to Al need to be in order. Al is going to South Carolina. Pending the completion of her masters. So obviously, she's definitely going. I'm not sure what I'm more impressed by, the fact that she is almost officially a medical physicist or her salary bargaining skills. Dude, Al, you rock. A lot. If I were in Houston, I'd give you a high five and a slap on the ass.


Blogger Einstein said...

I'll take the high five but leave the slap on the ass to earnest. but thanks for the congrats. I wish I had time to be excited but apparently before you can graduate you thesis has to slap you on the ass, strangle you, make you lose all your hair and sanity and deprive you of all sleep. Can I make it? I have doubts. i really do

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