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Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Letter

Dear Disney,
I had a great time this weekend at Epcot and Blizard Beach. But I just had a few bones to pick with you. First and foremost, you're representation of Italy in your World Showcase is outstanding. The palace from Venice the mini Trevi fountain, high five on the architecture. But when it's 15 minutes before fireworks and I can't find gelati ANYWHERE, we might have a problem. Seriously, what good representation of Italy has not gelati. I was disappointed. So I headed to Germany and got some Longbrau instead. It was good. But seriously, I was in the mood for some fragola gelati. Really.
Secondly, what's with all the stairs at Blizard Beach? It's not cool. Not at all. But other than that, it was lots of fun. My little sister chickened out on Sumit Plumit. I got no sunburn and had lots of fun playing hide and go seek at my boyfriend's sister's house without my boyfriend. Ha! But Disney, I have to say that I had a great weeeknd. Back 15 years ago or so, my parents took us to see you so much in one year that we never wanted to go again. It was a good plan. But this weekend, I realized that it's a lot more fun to visit you when there's a bunch of new stuff you've never seen or ridden. Yeah, it was fun. Thanks! Let's do it again sometime!
PS. What's with all the pictures? Must you take my picture when I go down every slide and at the end of every ride? Just curious.


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