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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Did I Ever Tell You?

Did I ever tell you how much I love being a teacher?

I mean, I know I have. As soon as I started, I knew that those 2 years in grad school wouldn't be a complete waste or anything. I was having some second thoughts on the last day of school, which is officially the LONGEST day of my LIFE. Kids were wild, there was tons of paper work and grades were already in. The worst part about that was that the kids NEW IT. Basically, they knew that nothing we were doing for the last 2 days counted for a damn thing and the attitudes shoed it. But seriously, who could blame them.

Well, I got my paperwork moved in, recruited a bunch of kids to move my classroom for me and sent 2 kids home for being jerks and by the time I got back to my apartment, I was exhausted. All I could think was, "I. Am. So. Glad. There. Is. Only. One. Last. Day. Of. School."

The next day, the teacher-work-day, wasn't even that much better. It was basically just stressful and a big race to see how fast everyone could get out. To make matters worse, I had to pack for a family reunion, break it to my boyfriend that my dad would be riding with us to the family reunion, and clean the apartment and carso my father wouldn't think I'm a complete slob.

Well, it all got accomplished and the family reunion was basically a lot of eating and water sports, which I payed for dearly the next day. Thanks uncles for the wacky boat driving! Loosing your niece, Grace, off the tube the first time, was avoidable in not having her sit opposite her twice-as-heavy-male-cousin. But dumping Grace and youre 6 year old son off upside down was sort of my breaking point.

Well, now I'm back, teaching tennis in the mornings and afternoons. Or at least trying too. Yeah, welcome to south Florida summers and hurricane season!


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