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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Did you guys know that it's the knew thing to say, "You owe me 5 dollars!" when someone else blushes? Yeah, that along with the truly horrible "Ain't know hollaback girl..." lyrics are the cool thing if you're 12.

How do I know this? Well, the other day my students were filling in information for a contest they were entering and they were asking if my name was Ms. Grace or Mrs. Grace. Now, preferably, I would be Miss Grace, but it's all very un PC and such, so I said just M-S. So they said, "You aren't married?"

"No, I'm not married."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"


"We're not talking about that..."

"OOOoooooooo! Miss Grace, you owe me 5 dollars! You owe me 5 dollars"

The class chants.

"You're turning red!!!"

"No I'm not."

"What's his name? What's his name?"

"I never said that."

"Ooooo, you owe me 5 dollars!"

In other news, there are officially 4 days of school left. I think I sort of began the celebration on Friday with happy hour, which lasted until 2am when I got home. There was beer. Lots of beer. There was also a 2 divorces, my boyfriend and a lesbian. All in the tiny town that I lived in. Who knew?! There was salsa dancing and someone may have dropped a glass of gin and tonic on the floor. But if course, that couldn't have been me, right?

Other than that, I have also been up to some home decorating, ebay, Thirsty Thursdays at a minor league baseball stadium, teaching and playing tennis, and bowling. You happy now, Earnest? It's not like YOU post every day.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

It's the Clothes

While it's been a few days since I've posted, I luckily have been entertaining most of you with the best thing I have ever seen on the internet, namely Anyway, I know you're all still probably having fun with it and I don't want to interfere, but I just thought I'd say hi.

The end of the year is quickly approaching. 15 days, baby! I believe the administration referred to student behavior at this time as "deteriorating". Which of course, makes things just way more fun and interesting.

Apparently Teacher Appreciation Week is also a good time to celebrate Spirit Week. Where students and teachers dress up for each day. One day was Twin Day. One day was Team Day. Tomorrow is Mix and Match Day. And today was Students-dress-like-a-teacher and Teachers-dress-like-a-student. And that sort of dress day could only lead to very good things.

I saw nice Christian middle aged teachers wearing camo t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and those little founcy fluffy short skirts with an Aeropostale shirt. A+ for the teacher I saw wearing a "Vote for Pedro" t-shirt. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!

I had a few brainstorms. 1) One of those flouncy fluffy short skirts. 2) A Happy Bunny t-shirt. 3) Borrow the boyfriend's cargo shorts. Welll, the flouncy skirts at Walmart seemed entirely too short and I didn't see anyway my butt was getting inside that. And buying a bunny t-shirt meant spending $20, which wouldn't have been THAT big of a deal. But driving over the bridge in the pouring rain last night just wasn't appealing. So I went with the borrowed cargo shorts and an Abercrombie Football t-shirt with the slogan, "No distractions, Just Destruction". I think it was a success. And the student who I named as my inspiration for the outfit was utterly BESIDE himself with joy (he's a very excitable, explosive, dramatic and is always the first to say, "Oh Miss Grace, I just LOVE you're shoes!!!" - you get the picture).

I was looking forward to see if anyone would dress like me. Everyone basically did the wear a tucked in polo shirt and kacki paints and boom, you're any generic male teacher. I was sort of bummed until 8th period and the girl who I pinned from the first day of school as the most popular, best dressed, blond haired, every boy's dream girl, dressed like me. I was so proud to see her in a polka dot skirt, bright blue shirt and white ballet flats that I gave her a very special note home.

Hey guys, it's the little things.

Monday, May 02, 2005


Earlier today, sister directed me to this site:

If you click on the "Textilize" button and enter some text, you can get it translated gangsta style!

It's hours of fun, believe me.

Here's my blog in gizoogle...

Since we last talked, I hizzy been doggy stylin' lots of fun. More field trips and cant no hood f*** with death rizzow. Ridin' n enjoy'n tha end of tha schoo` year n s***.

I did manage ta loose mah voice, which was not cool . You gotta check dis shit out yo. I realized in those 3 days of voicizzles thizzay mah vocal chords is mah biggest source of shot calla as a baller like this and like that and like this and uh. Witout mah voice, it was really difficult . Holla!. But its bizzack. Thiznank goodness! Seriously, tizzy playa not happen again!

Well, more drug deala . Ill slap tha taste out yo mouf! Hope you guys is hav'n a groovy week but real niggaz don't give a f***!

Here's what I typed:

Since we last talked, I have been having lots of fun. More field trips. Babysitting and enjoying the end of the school year.

I did manage to loose my voice, which was not cool. I realized in those 3 days of voicelessness that my vocal chords are my biggest source of power as a teacher. Without my voice, it was really difficult. But it's back. Thank goodness! Seriously, that better not happen again!

Well, more later! Hope you guys are having a groovy week!