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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sigh of Relief

It's here. Finally. I'm sure you can hear a big fat "Ahhhhhh..." and some "Zzzzzzzz" from where you are. Spring break is here. It was actually here on Friday at 4:06.

What has spring break been made of? Why, sleeping, cleaning, baseball games, seafood dinners, poker and sitting by the pool in my bathing suit. Oh yes, and getting prepped for a trip to the great city of San Juan (i.e. first wax of the year = ouch).

I think it will lead to more sleeping, more cleaning, painting, poolside blogs and watching some professional tennis. Who knows. All I know is that on Wednesday, I depart for P.R. where I plan to do nothing besides lounge and eat and enjoy Al and El's much missed company. Maybe Al will show off some of her flirting techniques. Maybe El will wet her pants. Who could know? All I know is that I'll be back on Sunday and I probably won't want to be.

I also know that I'm turning 25 on March 25th and that that is a very special birthday. It only happens once and I'm lucky enough to celebrate it in style over my spring break, with my very best friends under the very best circumstances. I think I'm also pretty lucky to be over the age of 21 too, but you know, that's just me.

I also know that this birthdy will be spent under much better circumstances than the last. A dentist chair, with jaw pains from clinching it while sleeping, because of just getting engaged to someone very, very wrong and subconsciously knowing that. Dentist chair alone and uneasy...Beach chair, with Al and El, happier than ever....hmmmm...that's a tough one.


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