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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Jimmy-Pa-Looza 2005

It's that time again.

Isn't it Saturday somewhere?

Plans are made. Outfits are orchestrated. Coronas, tequilla and limes are in the very near future. I may have to pick up my emergency grass skirt and cocoanuts soon, since I left those (along with my red trumpet and puking stories) back in my college days.

The weather and Ruthie (this could be your last stint as the DD, dude) will be here. And incidently, the weather is beautiful. And for what it's worth - so are you.

This is concert #4 for me.

1: 17 years old. 1997. With the fam. And extended fam. Soaking up those lawn seats and getting caught in a hail storm on the way out. Yeah. Isn't that incorrect? We were high tailing out of there with ponchos on while the Margaritaville encore was playing in the backgound.

2: 20 years old. 2000. Dallas. With an small, but ecclectic group of friends. No pre-gaming. But the best show I've seen. Seats behind the stage. Jimmy turned around and played Bob Marley to US. And ONLY US.

3: 22 years old. 2002. Dallas. 12 rowdy friends. I had to con a few into attending, Just because I knew they'd have so much fun. The trumpet was there. The day was cloudy. We pregamed it like pros and almost forgot to go in to get seats! I think I even got back and did sculpture all night long. Those were some crazy days.

2002, that was a long time ago. I'm overdue for some Jimmy-time.

Reality check: It's 8 and there's at least 48 hours left before it begins.


Blogger Beatrix Kiddo said...

wow... i could totally use a margarita.

i mean, not this minute, because it's a trifle early, but, really.... oh, the stress...

9:29 AM  
Blogger Earnest said...

DUDE!! i also had a change in Latitude/aditude last night!!!! SO...i had everyone over to my place for MOJIOTS!!! (i make 'em goood) and we listend to some buena vista, then we went to a cuban resturant called Loborio's and then we out to this bar that also makes the ROCKED!! i mean so there was no jimmy except a couple of songs in the car BUT it was very cool nontheless....esp. since the LAST mojito i had was with my bitches in Key West watching the sun set behind the sea ...and gettin nasty drunk! good news is..that i STILL cant drink rum!! i got really blitzed and then woke up with the world's worst was so worth it!

3:44 PM  

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