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Monday, January 24, 2005

54 Days

This morning, during my daily weather channel routine, I found out that there's 54 days until spring. Now, this isn't to complain about the weather necessarily. It's simply anticipating that spring-like-feeling-in-the-air. And being that I work in a school, I'm thinking that feeling, combined with the anticipation of summer will be fantastic.

Testing will be over. Classes will be winding down. Spring break will be happening. But for now, the chill is still hanging in the air and the weeks on the calendar just look like they're going to keep coming endlessly. Not that I'm complaining. I just notice those things on my calendar.

In case anyone noticed, it had been a while since I blogged. It had also been a while since I did online banking, IMed and read anyone else's blogs. You know the charger for your lap top? Well, I don't suggest dropping it. Unless you have $80 to throw around, or something. Who knew those ran at a cool $80? I didn't. I thought 15, maybe 20, maybe even 30. Underestimations.

So, to catch you up on news, in short:

1. My little sister plays in a basketball league organized by a First Baptist Church. I went to see her play a game and during half time, there was a sermon by a young preacher in shorts, t-shirt and sneakers. I asked my dad if they always minister to the crowd at games. He said, "Of course, they're Baptists." The whole thing made a pretty big impression on me. Especially the fact that when discussing the whole thing with my sister, she was shocked and embarassed to find out that Baptists don't do the sign of the cross during their "devotion time". "I kept wondering why I was the only ONE!"

2. Big MVP awards go out to all the pees reading All the Kings Men. I know that Beatrix started it a while back, but is studying for the Bar big time, which is totally a good reason for not being finished. Al is half way through and reading it for her "book club" where she virtually demanded that they read it. And probably some far off day in a few years when law school is over, Earnest will read it, even though it probably is the most important book in his state's cultural. El gets a big award too for having already read it before even meeting me. Way to be, El.

3. Two thumbs down to my nose that won't stop sneezing and consequently makes me exhasted and tired and annoyed. But, thumbs up for 12-Hour Sudafed, naps afterwork, and chicken noodle soup for helping me make it through the day.

4. I have a sister who has had like 2 chances to be on TV in the past week at major national events. Did she make it for a close up? NO. Was I looking? Oh yes. Better luck next time, dude.


Blogger Einstein said...

Speaking of All the Kings men. Why did Anne sleep with the Boss. Jack talks about it being "the truth" inside him. What does he mean by that. The truth being what her father did 25 years before or the truth that he (Jack) still loved her? I'm missing it. I really like this book but I get the sense that I'm missing a lot of it. Like the great twitch. You know the "dream" he discovers in CA - that life is just something like black pulsating blood and a nervous twitch. Does that mean he believes that you can't control your own fate and there is no meaning to life. It's just as it is. Anyway despite the fact that don't quite grasp it I still like it. It's one of those books that is so deep and yet you don't realize it while you're reading it. It's one of those books that you have to read over and over again and discover new things about and really come to understand all the philosophy written between the lines. It's that good.

11:20 AM  
Blogger getamac said...

The whole charger brick broke from just dropping it? Or just the little plug tip? Dang that sure is a bummer. I've always wanted to get a 2nd one just for traveling but after seeing how much they are, forget about it...I'll stick with my one. Glad to see you're back online though!

1:10 PM  
Blogger Ruthie said...

Well, I'm sorry if I didn't make it on TV...but I have yet another chance coming up on Feb 6th!! Watch for me singing the National Anthem at the big game in Jacksonville.

10:59 PM  

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