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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

No, Virginia...

Can I get a "what what" on the fact that this year does not seem like Christmas the way I remember it?

I mean that in the least bah humbug-ish way possible too, because things are good. Moving along.

Of course, it could be the warm weather keeping me from feeling like Christmas. It could be the fact that I actually live in the same area where home is, as opposed to a college town or out of state place somewhere. I suppose having to work up until December 22nd also contributes to the un-Christmas feeling. But I'm fairly certain that my little sister's knowledge about the truth about Santa is the main difference.

Yep, this summer, her 4 older sisters let her in on the big secret. This will not only be a landmark even for her: The First Christmas You Don't Believe. But it will also be a landmark for me and everyone else: The First Christmas No One Believes. It's like, getting rid of the magic or something.

I know you all are emphatically concerned about how I'm dealing with this, because it is an enormous deal. I'm sure we'll all survive. And I'm sure I need to go to bed and write something more coherent and interesting on another day.


Blogger Earnest said...

being the youngest i cant relate but i can say we try really hard to keep the magic alive and i mean that in the least afterschool christmas special as possible! We really get into it...i was feeling the same way until i just went out an spent all my money on im ready for my BBking christmas album!!!

3:48 PM  

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