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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Things for Which I am Thankful

* Little sister who asks Grandma, "Hey Grandma, have you taken your Asafax yet?"

* Twizzlers

* That stuff you shake on your carpet before you vacuum it that smells like Gardenias

* Decisions I made 6 months ago

* Friends and family who helped me through those "decisions" of 6 months ago.

* Giulty pleasures like lesbian rock

* My dad who when I saw him on Saturday said, "Hey, I have something for you!" and it was the 1949 movie "All The Kings Men" which I have been wanting to see for a long time. Because the book, "All the Kings Men" is important. Perhaps even more important than "Amelie" to me. If anyone understands this, it is my dad.

* My job

* Perk of my job #1: I get those headshot pictures that go in the yearbook for FREE...NOT thankful that I did not know about this BEFORE the picture was taken, or I might have used some lip gloss.

* Bangs

* My sister who cut my bangs and gives me fashion advice, even if it does come out as, "I like the shirt, I like the skirt, I DON'T like the shoes." And even if she asks me questions like, "Dude, you were an art major, why can't you match clothes?"

* My sister who said, "Sort of makes you want to lock your doors at night," regarding things that absolutely SHOULD make you lock your doors at night.

* Perk of my job #2: I get drawings that say To: Ms. G. My favorite is of "Robin the Easter Cat, surrounded by Easter eggs." Easter cats are interesting. Drawings of Easter cats given on November 18th are even more interesting, if you ask me.

* My ringtone

* Pirates

* Margarita shampoo

* Margaritas

* The O.C.


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