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Monday, November 08, 2004

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Forgetting my lunch doesn't make a Monday very good at all.
Hard working and nice kids make it much better, as did a kind word from a boss, peanut butter crackers and a coke.
Hearing a brilliant song on the radio helped a lot too, especially when I heard the song just as I was turning the corner for home that I like so much that I BUSTED inside, turned on the radio and flung myself on the bed and LOVED it.
Plans that fall through for dinner brought me down a knotch.
Gillmore Girls at 5pm brought me up a little.
Thoughts about undependable and crappy people brought me down.
Still, I thought I was doing better than I was around 11am when I realized I had no lunch to fill my growling stomach.
But I think I may be back to 11am.
Damn car alarms. They have to be the worst invention EVER.


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