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Monday, November 08, 2004

Let's Draw Jesus!

Ok, I realize that last post was sort of depressing. The funny thing is though that I'm not depressed. Tired, perhaps, but not depressed. But I did think of something that really made me laugh and is entirely postworthy...

Now, I am a teacher by profession and also teach CCD on Sundays. My CCD class has about 6 students in it, 4 of whom are my students at school as well. One of those students who has the privilege of seeing me 6 days a week and has only spoken about 4 sentences to me total before EVER, was in rare form last night at CCD, asking questions about all sorts of stuff and suggesting that we learn how to paint Jesus in CCD. Cute idea, but no.

At CCD, I usually end the last 3 minutes of class going around and sharing our "highs" and "lows". Since it's a small class, it's sort of cool and they really like it when it's my turn. As classes go on, we're getting a little more meat on our highs and lows. You know, a little more personal then the "My low is that I worked on my science fair project all weekend" or "My low is tomorrow is Monday." Well, last night, after a lesson on The First Commandment and the importance of praying the rosary, when it came time for me to share my highs and lows, I drew a blank on the low. So I gave the only answer I could think of spur of the moment: that I had been sort of bored Friday night.

That quiet student who had suggested we learn to paint Jesus looked at me in disbelief and said, "What?! NO WAY! Why don't you just watch TV? Or you could draw or paint! OR, or, or PRAY THE ROSARY! Yeah, you could pray!"

Yes, child, I am your art and religion teacher, but there is more to my life than art and praying. Or, at least, we certainly hope so.


Blogger Annie said...

Oh Grace! haha That is hillarious! I can tell that this kid is going to be full of many great blog worthy comments to come! haha

10:12 PM  

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