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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Isn't it Ironic...

That towards the end of my first party here, one of those in present says, "Hey Grace, have you ever heard of Jefferson Starship?"

"Ahh, I am only a huge fan and have dreamed of concocting the world's greatest lip sink to Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now...AND every party I have ever thrown had that song played at the climax until this party."

"Oh, they were playing here tonight, did you know? Tickets were $5. I forgot to tell you."

I had to end that conversation right then and there so as to not show my distress. It's ok though. Good times tonight.

Surprise of the night: My guests found the most exciting and interesting thing to be Channel 63, which monitors the gate of my apartment complex. You can sit in the privacy of your own home and watch people in their cars attempt to dial the resident and open the gate. Great half-time entertainment that I never used or appreciated until tonight.


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