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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ghosts of Thanksgivings Past, Part III

2000: In honor of my sister coming home for Thanksgiving during her first year at West Point, I also got to come home. Thanks Dad! While on the outing to see the traditional Thanksgiving Disney movie, my sister and I sat down with everyone else in 102 Dalmations, looked at each other and said, “I don't think I can sit throug this!” So we dipped out – such rebels. On the way home, apparently justice found me for being that rebel when I got pulled over for “swerving”…luckily I got no ticket and the cousins and sisters in the car kept their mouths shut about it. I was sort of pumped because I had a boyfriend to drive and pick me up from the airport that year and that was the first time I had experienced that. It worked out well for him because I am such a treat. It worked out well for me because he had a truck and took me on a Home Depot on the way home from the airport. I was having various pieces of masonite cut in different sizes for painting class. The Home Depot employee turned to the boyfriend and said, “You goinna let the WOMAN make all the decisions?” I love it when that happens.

2001: I spent Thanksgiving break locked up in my apartment with my best sculpture friend who moved in for the weekend. There we went running, worked on a HUGE research paper and studied a lot. We also watched the Breakfast Club, saw Harry Potter, danced to Starship, cooked food and spent the actual Thanksgiving dinner with other ragamuffin college students who played the guitar and were really fun, making it a terribly great Thanksgiving. The one disappointment of the weekend: I didn’t score Neil Diamond tickets for his show on Sunday night.

2002: It was an off year for extended family Thanksgiving celebrations, which was sort of sad to me. But I had a feeling that good things were in the air when I found out that my sister was bringing home her boyfriend. I also had the pleasure of hosting Ellie. Other guests included my sister’s best friend and her sister. For everyone counting at home, that made it a Thanksgiving of 10 women and 3 men; the men being my dad, my grandpa and my sister’s boyfriend, who now, incidentally, is her husband. The boyfriend/now husband said all of 3 sentences, probably because he was a little overwhelmed and probably because either didn’t have any opinions about J-Lo’s 6 carrot pink diamond ring and Aaron dumping Brooke for Helene, or if he did have opinions about them, he probably didn’t want to voice them in the presence of so many girls. It was my parents 25th wedding anniversary and we had cake and champagne. When I emerged and saw my grandpa, he said, “THAT doesn’t look like champagne!” which was really hysterical at the time. That year, I had my first adventure into blind-date territory that I should tell you more about some time. I had a gaggle of sisters and Ellie right there with me, within spying distance, making it one of the best covert dating operations ever. The date was cool, especially because all of us, including the guy and my posse had ice cream afterwards. In the car on the way for ice cream, my sisters said, “Ellie was right about your car!” Apparently, they were taking bets on what sort of car he would have. My date was disappointed to find out that Ellie had guessed it would be a “family car;” but I think he should be pretty thankful that’s she guessed “family car” and not “homo-car”, seeing as he drove a Jetta Station wagon. Ellie and I dipped out of festivities early to get back to Tallahassee for the big game, which was fabulously cold and fun. Only disappointing in that we didn’t get to rush the field.

2003: I made my first attempt at bringing a boyfriend home for a national holiday. It was a somber one though because my grandpa was very ill. Best quote of the weekend goes to my baby sister who exclaimed “BRICE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY SISTER?!” while we were piling in the minivan. Brice, was my sister’s boyfriend, not mine. Middle sister (her again! See installment 1) had a 103 degree fever and passed it on to me and my boyfriend, but not before we were 1/2 way to Gainesville for the big game. I stood and cheered through that FSU/UF game with a 102 fever, but loved every second of it. It was great for us Seminoles, especially me because my BF, who had a UF degree, did NOT wear any Gator clothing. He wore a Switzerland shirt, being neutral. I have to say that I sort of considered that some very highly convincing evidence that I am one of the most powerful people in the world (a subject I should tackle another time). We crashed at Beatrix’s pad and woke up at 5 am with major chills. Not wanting to get her sick right before law school exams, I somehow packed and loaded stuff up, wrote a note and drove 2 hours home. Then I laid in bed for 3 days, THANKS middle sister for punctuating another Thanksgiving by striking me with sickness! Also, thanks BF for letting me drive, no really, thanks.


Blogger Earnest said...

dude...thats just messed up!...middle sister needs to be in a bubble this year!!
or profilactic antibiotics!!! :)

yeah i dont DO 101/2 dalmation movies...ever....
and the middle of the night you just left beatirx's apt??? thats soo wierd!! and yet another reason i never trusted the EX...i NEVER would have trusted you enough to drive...(heretofor refered to as the ladder incident) :)

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