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Monday, November 22, 2004

Ghosts of Thanksgivings Past, Part II

Ok, so the dates got a little confused in the first installment, but I’m sure it’s not bothering anyone as much as it’s bothering Ruthie, so I’ll just continue:

1997: This was an “off” year for Thanksgiving with the maternal side of my family. Which means it was an “on” year for us on Christmas. It’s sort of like a formula. Basically, the years where FSU plays UF in Tallahassee, Thanksgiving is celebrated with their respective “outlaw” family because everyone wants to go to Tallahassee for it and if we were to do Thanksgiving, that would make things too complicated. So, since it's OFF for Thanksgiving, it's ON for Christmas. However, on the years where FSU plays UF in Gainesville, those are the ON years for Thanksgiving because after a bad experience in the Swamp, where beer was poured and spit was spat, many of my relatives will not step foot in that stadium, ever. 1997 is notable for the fact that it was my last Thanksgiving at home before college. So anyway, this year, everyone was in Tallahassee, or celebrating with their in-laws. Except us. We were spending it at my uncle’s beach house. But we never really got our act together and we were discussing hauling all the food to be cooked up there. I suggested, since it was just us, that we could screw the cooking and have turkey at the Golden Corral. Everyone else thought this was a great idea, so that’s what we did. So yes, we were one classy family back in 1997.

1998: On my way out to drop me off for my freshman year of college, my father told me that due to expensive plane tickets at Thanksgiving, to make sure that I made friends with someone from Texas so that I could go home with them for Turkey Day, which I totally did. I was really impressed that Ellie's family seemed to eat Mexican food for every meal - and they're not even remotely Mexican. They took me to the Alamo, where I asked the famous question, "Is there a basement in the Alamo?" which I totally already knew the answer to; however, I was enlightened to the fact that though there is no basement in the Alamo, there IS actually a basement to the gift shop of the Alamo. We also went to Best Buy at like 6am or something and I bought Dixie Chicks and Jewel CDS. Hey, 1998 had some rough times, don't make fun. The relatives back in FL made a movie for me where they told gross jokes and talked about Pee Wee Herman. I learned in this video that even when you go away from home for college, some things never change because in the video not only did the relatives tell gross jokes and talk about Pee Wee Herman, but Grandma also laughed so hard she wet her pants, which is just so typical of Grandma. Oh, and thanks, Getamac, for getting a close up in on the wet spot on the chair. That was award-winning.

1999: I spent most of Thanksgiving Day en route to Munich from Prague, eating a LOT of candy and playing Crazy Eights all the way. Oh yeah, and to Dr. Crider: there is a very slim chance that we might have cracked open Hamlet or the Tempest or something on that train too. But that’s a very slim chance, given my grades that semester. Arriving in Munich to snow, Eleanor and I found a hostile (notable in that there was a dude FARTING all night long inside our dorm), dropped our bags, and headed straight for the Hoffbrauhaus, where we drank huge steins of beer and ate brautworst. This night is not to be confused with the following night where we also drank huge steins of beer and ate brautworst at the same infamous beer hall. On Thanksgiving, Ellie and I were buzzed enough to get lost trying to find our way home and had to pee in the snow. The following night I would not describe myself as "buzzed"...but that's another story and only distantly related to Thanksgiving.


Blogger Eleanor said...

i definitely remember thanksgiving in Europe...the candy from the out-door vending machine that was rock-hard due to the ultra cold weather...items from the luggage rack falling on top of us (how did that happen again???)...those fabulous orange down blankets and the farting backpacker...

we were really deprived of a TRUE thanksgiving...

10:27 AM  

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