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Friday, November 19, 2004


Every Friday is "sketchbook check day." So when I say, "Ok, today is Friday, what does that mean?" and someone says, "Pizza Day!" You sort of disappoint me because you don't know what's going on...but part of me says, "Wow, that's a really good idea!" Pizza it twas tonight. It had been a while.

November has not normally been a month I'm a huge fan of. The weater is sort of grey and gross. It's the time when classes and crap gets really busy. It's crunch time. There are good things to look forward to at the end of the month, but there's a lot of cramming and stress before hand. I think perhaps moving closer to the equator has made me enjoy November more. Because, November, I'm totally a fan now. I'm sorry I spent so many years procrastinating papers and studying until 4am and taking tests and praying I'd make it through you until December. I'm sorry. Can we be friends?

Also, high five for November because the past 2 days, I have gone into my closet and gotten all crazy and tried on something that the last time I tried it on (proabably about a year ago) I could barely pour myself into. But low and behold, that skirt and those plaid pants are sort of hot. Being a single working girl must be good for me. Good thing I celebrated the plaid pants with 1/2 a roll of cookie dough.

In other laughable news, I'm throwing my first party in years. Well, it's sort of a party. I mean, I'm fairly certain that there will be no dancing, no limbo, no games, no marshmallow fights and no one begging me to play Wilson Philips just one more time. It is a football party, where I will be the only one cheering for my team. The rest will be enemies.

And for my Friday Public Service Announcement for boys: Don't call a girl you have bored out of her mind and leave a message on her voicemail that says, "Hey, I was calling to say hey and see if maybe you wanted to meet up sometime and do something...I'm not sure what...I'm drawing a blank on that one, but maybe we can talk about it." You know what? Don't leave that message even didn't make her wish she was watching paint dry the night before. You know what? Boys, girls, men, women, children, NO ONE should ever leave a message like that for anyone. I hope I don't need to explain.


Blogger Earnest said...

yet another reason im a badass!! i just read that message he left for me a favor:
read that message again but this time put it in my way funnier isnt....admit is...because frankly that sounds like something i would say.....but when i say something like that i would go out of my way to be funny and say it......
im like that you are having a party!! ive been thinking about a christmas party....havent drawing a blank on that one...HA!! SEE!!! its soo much funnier when i say it...

1:03 AM  
Blogger Beatrix Kiddo said...

What is it with boys who aren't interesting yet so interested?

It's some sort of curse. But one that I submit should be easily remedied with a half a roll of cookie dough.

Oh, and I may or may not have made a gigantic batch of The Potato Stuff and eaten all of it in the last day. And I may or may not crank out another batch tomorrow or even late tonight because I can only watch half of the football game in a social setting and then come home and work on my 8 million school projects, minus the one I just finished this afternoon.

7:09 PM  

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