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Monday, October 04, 2004

Surprise Ending!

I feel pretty confident in my art teaching skills these days. Even though some like to say I've been OFF of school more than I've been IN school. I feel like things have been going decently. I think I'm a pretty fair, no-nonsense, sort of teacher. I like things to go fast and stop problems before they happen. My advisor for my internship told me I ran a very just and task oriented classroom and so I sort of embrace that. I'm also totally a softy, especially since the 12-year-olds are pretty much nice kids. I feel good about the combination of being very demanding as far as procedures go, while being soft in other areas. I'm figuring things out. It will take a while. But I feel good about it.

Wanna know one way to freak me out and cause my mind to talk myself into the fact that I'm a horrible teacher? Wanna know a way to start making me think about how horrified I would be if for some reason I didn't get this job back next year? Wanna know a way to make me feel tired and overwhelmed and afraid about EVERYTHING?

Bring in a note from your mom that says, "Call me at your earliest convenience to schedule a conference."

Yeah, I'll totally flip out. Especially if you are a pain in the ass kid who will NOT stop talking or or rolling your eyes at me during last period. Yeah, you're also the kid I've moved to about 10 different seats to see if there is at least someone you won't talk to. And when I have you stand up next to me during clean up so that I can focus on getting 28 kids neat and tidy and out the door without a lot of razamataz, you end up talking to ME! I totally thought I had things under control when I moved you to the "Isolation Table" and not just until the end of class, but FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. But then you go and bring this note in and yes, that's a sure way to put Miss Grace in freak-out-mode.

Everyone in internet land will appreciate that this story has a surprise ending. I was so shocked that I could kick myself for the thought process that ran through my mind between 3:15 and 5:15 this evening.

I called the mother back and she ended up just wanting to know how bad her son is and to make sure he stays in line and behaves. I was all prepared for the, "Junior said that he hasn't done anything wrong, so it must be YOUR FAULT" - ringamorole that gets handed to teachers all the time. But instead, she was a concerned parent, just wanting to her son to behave in class.

What did I do to deserve THAT?


Blogger getamac said... I would have been freaking out if I were in your shoes too because you're right, most parents would put their child's probs on you.
But it's good to hear that it all worked out. I like the "Isolation Table"; same title from the original Parent Trap movie that Sharon and Susan had to sit at.

6:59 PM  
Blogger Earnest said...

Dont be such a push-over grace!!! I'd tell that wench that her kid sucks and needs to be on three differnt types of Methamphetames like every other little shit out there that doesnt know how to raise his hand! And if she doesnt like it she can kiss your ass and teach that little shit art herself! And come tomorrow you should call him out in front of all his friends for his mommy calling his teacher and make him cry and call him ugly and stupid and a bed wetter!
oh wait this is public school....good job, grace! :)
the nuns that used to teach me at that age (if you can even call them that...) were not nearly as nice as you...though they never called me stupid, ugly or a bed wetter..because...well lets face very attractive, brilliant, and usualy dehydrated from the coffee or booze; they were still mean...they used to lie to use and tell us they had a lie detector in their closet and would make us take it...and make us swear on the bible (that holds less water than it did 50yrs ago...i'd swear on a pizza if it get me out of trouble!) me being the angel that i was WAS NEVER the one that really did whatever we were in trouble for....i got in trouble for all sorts of dumb shit that i never this day i get a chill when i meet school teachers...i cant wait to have kids so i can yell at them and make them cry...b/c i will ...b/c im pretty fucking scary ...and thats just me now...25..wait till ive been a lawyer for 10 years...i wont have the patience for that crap...i'll be twice the asshole i am now... true story:
My father went in to see some sister-nazi type at Sacred Heart where my older sisters were in school...he is in between meetings and had to run to the school because my sister mouthed off again at another ass-teacher. The principle sat him in this little kids know the kind that is for a 10 yrs old...well in a suit and stature of my father it is MORE than insulting so what does he do? He (in her office) pulls out a HUGE cigar from his coat pocket and lights it right there and blows a puff of thick smoke right in her direction (imagine him sitting in a little kitty chair on the other side of this principle's desk) and she is shocked..and says ...Mr_________ you cant smoke that in here!! and he, w/o batting a lash says well if you are going to treat me like a child im going to act like, sister let me tell you how things opperate in MY office......the rest is history...classic stay tuned next week when i tell the story of him sueing and shutting down a major magazine company over like 20bucks

9:37 PM  
Blogger Einstein said...

grace. . .that's hilarious. see you're not such a bad teacher afterall.

earnest dude. . . i love your parents!!!! i love all the stories you have to tell about them. honestly when i'm with your family i feel like i'm in some fabulous comic movie. it's awesome

10:41 AM  

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