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Sunday, October 24, 2004


So far this weekend I have:
Taken my little sister to a sex talk
Picked up my little sister from playing the violin at church
Eaten Miami Subs with little sister in between playing the violin at church and her violin lesson
Sat and read and wrote during violin lesson
Took at nap at my parents house with the best dog ever
Took littlest sister and old lady #2 to basketball game
Watched littlest sister's team win basketball game
Caught the tail end of a somewhat scary FSU game - I wasn't worried though.
Went out to eat for $1 chilli dogs and $1 drafts with littlest sister, parents and old ladies #1 and #! where my father decided to play one of his favorite games: Suggest that when Bobby Bowden retires, FSU should hire Steve Spurrier...a suggestion that always sets my grandmother off to where she will ALWAYS say, "That man always looks like he just chewed up nails and spit them out." ALWAYS. I promise. Trust me. But don't try it, or you'll deal with a rolled eyes from everyone else at the dinner table.
Rented 2 movies, one an old standard (definitely in top five favorite movies) and one I've never seen.
Watched the old standard, Pollock.
Went to Mass
Bought coffee since I was out
Discovered a Shiner Boch distributer here in Martin County

Random perhaps? Oh most certainly. And I still have pretty much a whole day to be random with again. I'm thinking about taking a little break from blogging. No more than a week. I just need to refresh and regroup. So until we meet again, here is some other blogs for you to enjoy (in no particular order)

Needed some more randomness? Great, because I think the CDs in my car case might scream random:

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Greatest Hits
The Shins
Ben Harper: Fight for Your Mind
Cat Stevens: Greatest Hits
James Taylor: Greatest Hits
Random Mix CD: Including Macy Grey, The Thong Song, Stuck in the Middle with You, and I Like Texas by Pat Green
The Sound of Music
Ibrahim Ferrer: The Buena Vista Social Club Presents
Jimmy Buffett Mix
Tom Waits: The Early Years
Belle and Sebastian: Tiger Milk
Dixie Chicks: Wide Open Spaces
Harry Connick Jr.: Come By Me


Blogger Earnest said...

you cant take a break from blogging!!! what am i going to do with out you???
al ist going to step up she never bloggs enough!!
compremise? email me!

2:59 PM  

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