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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Quality Vs. Quantity

Quality Comes Before Quantity When it Comes to...

1) Seeing movies in the theater - I'm all about being choosy there. There's nothing that irritates me more than seeing a less than par movie. The last six months I've been discerning in that and have to say that I can't think of a sub par movie I've seen.

2) Time spent with family - Love it! But let me just say hurricanes, weeks without power, long games of monopoly. That is all.

3) Beer - Not in college anymore. I don't do Bud Light. That should be addressed to my father.

4) Blogs - Sometimes short and sweet is the best way to go.

5) Toothcare - My birthday money was well spent on my Sonicare Toothbrush, baby.

6) Ice cream - It's only worth getting fat off the good stuff.

7) Games of catergories

8) Boys

9) Razors - Though I gasp when I pay $16.99 for refill cartridges.

10) Friendships - Awww!

11) Mexican food - due to time I spent in Texas. I don't do Taco Bell. But Taco Cabana, my heart is yours.

12) Wine - One early and bad experience with Carlo Rosi was all it took to convince me.

When Quality Isn't Necessary...

1) T-shirts - Target and the misfit sale rack at Gap is sufficient for me.

2) Shoes - Sometimes I'm totally Ok with Target and Payless. Except right now, I'm concerned that my new sandals from Target may have made my right foot swell up into one gigantuar hive. Gross, I know. Or, as a student said, "UHHG!", when he saw it this morning.

3) Towells and wash cloths

4) Reading material: Dude, sometimes I think US Weekly is some high quality stuff. Sometimes? Dude, that is always good to read.

5) Underwear - Gratuitous, perhaps, but I feel strongly that the semi-annual sale at Victoria's Secret where underwear is $0.60 is totally sufficient for me.

6) Pillows and blankets - I'm more on the side of quantity on that one.

7) Make-up - As evidenced by the fact that this summer, El went through my make up and said, "Hey Grace, do you own any make up that wasn't free?"

8) Seats at a concert - Just as long as I'm there!

9) Loaves of bread - Just as long as it's wheat.

10) Microwaves - Well, until my $5 garage sale find crapped out on me yesterday.

Please add your own!


Blogger Sushi Wonton said...

Flowers. Sometimes paying a lot for one flower is better than getting 12 really cheap ones.

9:47 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

I like the way you think, sushi!

10:13 PM  
Blogger Earnest said...

--i like to combind quality with quantity...Like LOTS of really yummy red wine!!
--tv on the other hand is pure quality...because i just dont get to see much anymore...for example im going to watch tv for 1.5 hours tonight...the cardinals have just won so right now im switching between dead poets society, something's gotta give, and trav. channel's top FL beaches...pure quality
--disagreement with gracy...lots of nice t shirts...and underwear (actualy that is an outright lie...i dont wear expensive, quality underwear...maybe i should switch...yeah i dont think so...) but lets see...Towels..yes, sheets, hell i dont actualy own any expensive 1000ct sheets but i really really want some...i used to the awsome sheets at my parents house....damit!
--i like quality shoes--green astro-turf aside :)
--quality coffee!!! thats a good one...i HATE HATE HATE with a passion cheap nasty folgers/maxwell house etc. coffee...its simply not right!
--deserts (ice cream most definatly included!) there is nothing more obsurd that having a piece of cake that tastes like nothing..or that foamy ice get the picture....favorite scene from emily with when she is saying that her favorite thing is to break the sugar coat on the creme brule..i like that...

11:34 PM  
Blogger Ruthie said...

I have to disagree with the pillows assessment. A quality pillow is definitely better than a lot of pillows. I hate pillows that go flat!!!

11:42 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Quality: I find that my boots are definatly a quality item... I buy high quality boots every year b/c I wear them practically every other day! Bras, I can't stand a cheap bra that the straps slip or it itches... that could totally ruin a day, same w/ panyhoes! haha Parfume... despite a lot of people who have sents-ga-lore! I prefer a quality scent Burberry that I absolutely LOVE as opposed to the bathroom cluttered sink full of every bath and body works scent that I rotate. Also, my apt. and car are both "quality" items right now... as opposed to quanitity... mainly b/c I am lacking the fundage to have more than one home and car...but I'll work up to that! oh wouldn't that be grand! haha
Quantity items: Jewlry, at this point I really need to just accessorize my work outfits... its come to my attention I don't do this enough so I have started buying cheap trendy accessories to liven up my work outfits! Now don't get me wrong... I am ALL about som Quality jewlry too! haha
Toilet paper, towels, q-tips, bottled water, african violets... those are about the only things that I have in excess quanities right now... haha!

12:06 AM  
Blogger Earnest said...

i too own the sweet scents of Burbury...though it was a gift...and i rarely wear it...
and yeah sucky pillows....suck

1:45 AM  
Blogger Einstein said...

quality - pillows, sheets, TOWELS!!!, soap, deorderant, kisses, presents.

quantity: drinking glasses (i find that my 12 mardi gras cups work just fine), clothes - I need more clothes especially a larger selection work, school, hoe bag for the weekends, classy but sexy, yeah more clothes and they all go bad so is there really one better than the other.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Einstein said...

okay so before grace and blast me for putting quality kisses over quantity kisses. . . i need to clarify. . . i would rather have quality kisses than quantity. one exceptional gentle yet passionate is better than 20 wet slobery tongue gagging kiss. i know you all agree

12:45 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

Al is a self-proclaimed kissing whore. Somehow that doesn't just scream quality to me.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Earnest said...

very well said...well put gracy

12:43 AM  
Blogger Earnest said...

very well said...well put gracy

12:43 AM  
Blogger ts said...

so, after weeks of stalling from responding to this thing they call a blog, i've decided that my urge to resist can last no longer. we proceed then to grace's spelling. grace's spelling is atrocious....not simply "not bad" or "okay", but without a doubt, downright, i-definitely-didn't-win-a-third-grade spelling bee bad speller. i told her the other day how to spell carlo rossi--you know, the crappy tasting, diarrhea causing but dirt cheap wine--and of course on her blog, she leaves out a freakin "s" from rossi (although she told me that she's gonna change it). at any rate, grace, learn how to freakin spell!!

so, towels, cigarettes, rum and cokes, beer (and i'm with grace on this one), movies, ice cream, razors (tho i am sporting a beard now), underwear (if its sexy and on a hot chick and coming off soon), down comforters, food from the US since the hurricane blew away everything here, butterflies with wings and other perfect things--quality before quantity on these.

p.s. kisses too...quantity or quality--it doesn't really make a freakin difference.

12:04 PM  
Blogger Earnest said...

hey TS we dont take kindly to people who correct spelling in these parts!!! punk!
i can agree that even though i dont smoke anymore i used to and quality smokes are a must...europe was just filled with nasty little ciggaretts!
Though i did forget to include (you remind me..) Cigars...i hate cheap cigars!! and could i leave this out??? WHATS HAPPENING TO ME???? law school is just makeing me so fucking sober!! at any whiskey and scotch and wine and tequilla piss me vodka when applied to bloody marys will do just will cheap gin, though if you have the nice stuff readily available thats cool to but its not a must...
P.S. i thought The Great Gatsby sucked!! HEMINGWAY RULES!! EAT IT HOMO!

3:16 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

You know, I'm not sure when my spelling took a nose-dive, but it was actually just after 3rd grade. I had a fabulous and inspiring 3rd grade teacher. It was the year of some Olympiad and we had weekly spelling/definition bees. I won gold medals all the time in that class. I believe in 4th grade, I even made it to the school-wide spelling bee. I do remember that this punk ass 5th grader names Sebastian thought he was so awesome and spelling (and actually was because he went on to win the bee) and on the bus said to me, "I bet you don't even know how to spell the word plaid." Which I TOTALLY did. I may not have won the bee and I be a downright rotton speller, but at least I knew the school bus challenge word when I needed to. Spelling is overrated.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Ruthie said...

Finally someone has jumped on the spelling bandwagon!!! I've been correcting Grace since this blog began! Have all my spelling comments gone unnoticed?! But I really don't think there's any hope for Grace. She's doomed to the spelling dungeon forever...

10:49 PM  

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