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Friday, October 08, 2004

Part III: Character Flaws, Post-College, Protection

G: How about character flaws?

A: Sometimes you need to be confrontational. You let people walk all over you and you gotta take a stand for yourself. You don't need to be as agressive or confrontational as I am, but you need to be more challenging. If something legitimate was bothering you about me, you wouldn't always come talk about it. Ellie and I had more confrontations than you and I did.

G: I think lots of times you and I would just sort of disappear from each other for a little bit. We were never like siamese twins. Ellie too. I mean, we did our own stuff. You did physics. Ellie made dating powerpoint presentations. You know, all that. But we did the important things together and we partied and talked a lot.

A: You used to leave the dishes out a lot.

G: Good thing I don't have a roommate now. I can leave my dishes out as long as I want without feeling guilty.

A: Post college has been good too. It's sucky though to be so many states away. We used to write these epic long emails. I would be in the office and everyone there would be like, "OH MY GOD!" They'd make fun of me. We really had some good conversations...and still got challenging after college. Life outside the bubble. Establish yourself in a new place. Horrible decisions like getting bangs and getting engaged.

G: !!!


G: That's good, let me make sure I got that down...getting bangs and getting engaged...

A: You're actually typing this.

G: Oh yeah, this is an official interview.

A: Well, we've seen each other through a lot. I mean, all of the shit.

G: Thank goodness for cell phones!

A: I remember one of your break ups. He'd better thank God that I don't live in that state because I would make a quick drive...I still feel that way...he's one lucky dude that I don't live closer. I think, during that whole period, I was so scared that you weren't going to be strong enough to say no. when it was obvious that you wanted to. I was like, you don't need a break. You need it over! It was hard to see.

G: Remember when you got on the phone with him when we first stated dating?

A: Hell yeah! I said, "If you f-ing break her heart, I'll kill you!" I'd gladly be behind bars to kill that bastard! He should be glad we live 4 states away! And that you've so graciously forgiven him and whatever. I do remember saying that and I'm glad that I did. Even though I was a little drunk. I told El that I was going to say it.

G: Well, even if he had turned out to be a fabulous guy, I appreciated you saying it.

A: Dude, you and El are the best things that have ever happened to me. I want to make sure!


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