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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Part II: Head-butt, Breakdown, Alarm Clocks, Toilet Paper

G: So tell me about some fun things.

A: Well, wrestling with you was always fun.

G: Remember the time I gave you a head-butt in front of a room rull of people?

A: Ha! Of course They all lost their shit! I always knew I could always beat you. But in that instance, I questioned my strength. I miss the great parties and the pillow talk. Also, those Friday afternoons, before things got rolling, I liked just hanging out and shooting the shit. You're a nice girl. A good listener. A nice Catholic girl. But damn, you're fun. You have good boundaries like that. Not with boys, but you know, in general.


A: I mean, you're improving with boys.

G: What about the famous newspaper break down? (happened in Fall 2001 after Grace put out her first of 4 newspapers as editor and chief...ended up throwing in the towel

A: OH! I seriously thought you were super tough. I had never seen you cry before. You'd seen me cry all the time and I always wanted to see you cry and to konw that you were like the rest of us. It was the night of your first paper's deadline. You had been working on it all week, all weekend, all day and night solid. It was 5am and you come into the room. I was dead alseep. You were woke me up with your sobbing and I remember being hesitant because I didn't know what to do. I know what to do when Eleanor cries. I don't know, it all came out though. You were like, "I can't do this anymore!" I'm sure the whole conversation didn't make a lot of sense...jumping from topic to topic. From art to tennis to newspaper. You really had a melt down. It was great. I think I finally just said, "You gotta quit the damn paper."

G: I don't remember much about the conversation either. But I slept about 1.5 hours and then got up for class. But I called my parents first, and sobbed the whole 7 minutes. I had been away from home for over 3 years and through a lot and they had never gotten a phone call like that. I guess I was due. If I hadn't eventually quit, they would have made me quit...just like you and El.

A: Hell, yeah, we would have. I remember talking to her and deciding that we were going to sit you down and make you quit. I told El, "I can't deal with this anymore. I saw her cry! This is too stressful, we need to make her quit!"

G: Ah yes, and I did and things got 1,000% better.

A: One thing I remember about living with you were ALARM CLOCK ISSUES!

G: Oh man, that was near the end of my senior show. Yes, I was probably horrible to live with at that point. You really took one for the team with that.

A: YES! You were sleeping these insane hours or barely at all. You're alarm would go off in the AM and you wouldn't hear it. I would hit you and try to make you turn it off. I did something stupid once and got up and turned it off myself, and after that, I had to everymorning. Once, I was hitting you and telling you to turn your damn alarm clock off and you said, "'s not mine...I promise...I promise it's not mine, Al!"

G: I remember you telling me about that. HA! The funny thing is that I have absolutely no recollection of any of those morning conversations about the alarm clock. Man, that was some unhealthy sleeping patterns, or lack of sleeping patterns.

A: What about you and not knowing that boys don't use toilet paper when they go #1?


A: 21 years of your life and you didn't know about the toilet paper. I don't care if you don't have any brothers. How many movies have you seen? You came upstairs and Eleanor and I were already in bed. You opened both of our doors and I thought, "This is going to be good." You were like, "Guys, you will never believe THIS! TS does not use toilet paper!" I remember being like, "WHAT?!"

G: The whole thing is so embarassing. I knew that we had no toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom. So when TS said he had to go, I was like, "Hold on!" I ran and got a couple napkins and gave them to him and he looked at me like I was from Mars. But I totally made him take them. Then when I told you guys, you were like, "Dude, boys don't need to use toilet paper when they go #1." I really had no idea. You guys ended up drawing diagrams and everything, for me, I think.

A: Yeah, you weren't quite sure about balls.

G: The worst part was finding all this out and then replaying the scene with TS and thinking, "Dude, he thought that I thought that he was going #2!" Oh man. That is funny!

A: By the way, my bangs are horrifying!


Blogger Earnest said...

two things:
2) Neither one of you have ANY buisness whatsoever cutting bangs....stop it!

6:57 PM  
Blogger Einstein said...

Oh there were diagrams drawn. I remeber thinking how this super smart girl made it through high school biology without obtaining any sort of knowledge about male genitalia.

Bangs - are absolutely horrible but they really are the "in" thing to do now. Anyway I'm starting to sweep mine to the side so it only looks like I have half a carpet on my head.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Grace said...

I think Eleanor was the artist of the diagram...

Also, though TS and I have been on great speaking terms as of late, I am so annoyed at him right now for not commenting that I could spit.

My bangs ROCK

5:21 PM  

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