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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Lucky You!

To that kid in my 4th period art class, who is also in my CCD class. You're getting a big dose of Miss G this year!


Blogger Einstein said...

Dude!! I feel sorry for you kid. I mean what could be worse than getting yelled at by the same old hag of a teacher 6 days a week.

So if I had a blog I would publish this on my site except I don't have a blog so yours will do. Okay I'm at this professional conference for proton therapy. Part of it involves a 2 day class from 9 to 6 pm. OOOo yeah fun!!! Anyway I'm in a room of about 75-80 physicists, dosimetrist, and radiation therapist of which there are 5 women, 3 people under the age of 37, and 25% Americans. When have I ever been a minority in my own freaking country. For real people. This is so comical especially when every man in the room can't stop staring at you. Flattering? No it really isn't because anything with long hair and boobs would turn these dull buzzards on. I guess it sounds pretty bad but it's more hysterical than anything. I will have to admit though that the guy from Holland whose name maybe is Woolf or Coolf is a total cutie. (What's with the name??) Okay so he is a physicist but he's eye candy. And I'm tired of looking at my 70 year old professor droning on and on about the inexhaustible uses of lead and beryillium in particle therapy. I guess some of it's interesting but honestly I have ass ache. At least I had some donuts this moring. So it was no Krisy Kreme but one can't really expect such perfect in this poo-dunk town in Indiana. Ok harsh - it is out in the middle of the country but honestly it's goreous here. I forget that the season of fall even existed. Trees have leaves that actually turn beautiful colors and then fall off. I forget how invigorating a cool breeze could be. This place has almost convinced me that I could maybe live a little more north than south carolina. Ode to Fall. Well since this isn't MY blog i better end this before grace yells at me. Toodles . . .

12:37 PM  
Blogger Carencro said...

ken wha toodleoo is, its a crab, iwht one leg bigger then the other porblaby because someighing took the other off and it grwos another to replace it so itle have anoter hen something takes the other one of,f hougsands of them on marsh floor in leeville, everywhere, on mud make liklttle twoers, up in air at leats trhee to five inches tall, dependeing on how far back in time, tmow or three days then it was knowcked of,, i wanna knoxk someone ufp,,,, for baby needs a new mommy,,,,knocks andywone,,,,

cee anem, a man, ame'n.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Carencro said...

they always say, a spoon full of sugar, makes the medicine go down, i say, miss G couldn't be anyworse then Mr. Gee....
cee amen, a man, ame'nt

2:24 PM  
Blogger Earnest said...

HEY heebeegeebes 2 things:
1) dont blogg unless you are sober...why? because no one can read a goddamn thing you just wrote..if this is not due to intoxication than go take a damn typing class!!...ass
2) Dude, you are giving me the heebeegeebes! No one wants to make babies with you, AGAIN Why? because there are enough children in this counrty being aborted, why add another one to the list!
DAMIT you piss me off!!

5:09 PM  

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