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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Just a Few Things Again

1. My blog from Thursday seems to have completetly wiped me out of being creative. You'll just have to wait for more quality. It might be a while.

2. I suppose it's just as well, because we need to start the commenting on a new post.

3. I went to my little sister's basketball game tonight where she played her "old" school, which is also a school the rest of us went to, including my mother. Anyway, the new school's team kicked some old school butt 20-8 and it was awesome. My littlest sister is a Badass...fighting for the ball, on the ground, louder than any other fifth or sixth grader. Awesome.

4. The parking situation at my apartment complex is interesting. There are always massive amounts of parking. But the last few weekends, I've noticed that it's hard to find a place on Friday and Saturday nights. When, at any other time, on any other day, I never have to park farther than right in front of my door. The amount of cars in weekend nights seems to multiply exponentially. I can only make two conclusions: there are some really good parties or some really good booty.

5. May we all be able to make our ex-crushes feel remorse at missing out on us!

6. Thumbs up for my sister for GOING to the party this weekend. She may not have carried on the tradition of getting a sophomore year alcohol violation, but she's livin' on the edge.

7. I don't think I'm dressing up for Halloween this year. Which is a pity, because I'm in the mood for a good costume. Actually, I'm really in the mood to wear my afro. If only I had side kicks with sparkly dresses to sing Stop In the Name of Love. Maybe I just want to lip sink. Who knows.

8. Halloween is on a Sunday this year and it happens to be on the day that Daylight Savings Time ends. Dude, that means an extra hour of trick or treating. Congratulations, kids, this couldn't be something that happens a lot.

9. I teach CCD on Sunday nights from 6-7. I can't remember when exactly prime time for trick or treating is, but I'm fairly certain that 6-7 must be then. Shouldn't they like cancel CCD that night? When I asked my mom, she said, "No, those kids should not be trick or treating, they should be in CCD!" I ended that conversation right then and there.

10. I think that Beatrix is next as far as blog start-ups go. I can tell by her comments that she's itching to. Incidently, she used to have a fabulous blog that was my introduction to the phenomenon of blogging. I think if she makes strides in starting one up, she might be next for a feature. Don't worry, You will all get one in good time.

11. Al seems to think that her blog is going to be boring because she says her life is boring. She says I can blog fun and exciting things about work and family and stuff. I call bull shit on that. And I also call bull shit on my sister who says she's boring and thus doesn't update as often as she should. Dude, there's ALWAYS something. I'm not hearing that.

12. There aren't much better feelings in the world than waking up with all the windows open, the sunlight coming in and 67 degree weather outside. Not much could make me feel as content as that. Well, unless you consider Olympic swimmers or my new Margarita flavored shampoo.

13. Mmmmm, with that, I'm going to open up all my windows and enjoy the way my hair and clean sheets smell. Goodnight!


Blogger Eleanor said...

this one's for you, grace...

did you catch the growing pains special??? if so, how was it?

4:14 PM  
Blogger Earnest said...

GRACY!! you are going to be soooo jealous when you see my and improved blog!!!

5:33 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

I actually forgot to tape it. SORRY! BUT, when I realized it and gasped, my sister told me that the special was on a year or two ago and that they taped it. So, there is a tape with the Growing Pains Reunion on it. Ruthie should know about this.

6:00 PM  

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