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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Here's to You, A.C.!

I have this cousin. Actually, I have a lot of cousins, but this one in particular is just GRAND. We met back when I was in high school on a youth group trip. My mother told me before leaving that I would have many distant cousins to meet. So, on the bus on the way to Ohio, I mosied up to the front and said, "Ahh...I think we're related."

That was the beginning of what would become an indoctrination into the cult of anti-chrysler-ism. But it was also the beginning of some important friendships.

'Duning on the sands of the Treasure Coast, mini-golfing, rollerblading, and ripping K's from innocent Reliants and Aries, long IM conversations and creative uses of country song...that's what we have. From my travels to TX and Tallahassee and back, they were the first people to ever get me to stop and stay in Gainesville. This one particular cousin is the best guy I know, and is pretty far up there as far as people-in-general too. Though we differ on football team preference, he makes me laugh and also gives some really good advice. It's also really fun to go over and talk politics with him and his wife, you should try it some time...seriously. And Cinderella, my beloved high school vehicle, remains in his immediate family, which will forever leave him a space in my heart. He also is one of the only people who can get me to look up a word in the dictionary just by using it in an email. Go figure.

If it wasn't for him, I'd be even more clueless about boys. Yeah - imagine THAT! He, his brother and another cousin I sort of consider my adoptive older brothers. If it wasn't for him, I would probably also never have found my way to the interview for the job I know have and love. Hence, I would maybe not be working and doing what I love. How, you ask? Well, he knew of my big interview in a city that I did not know well, but that he worked in, so that morning when he happened see me and pick my car out of mornign traffic, going inthe wrong direction, he called me on his cell and said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" And then went on to set me straight. Obviously I am about as inept with directions as I am with spelling words. He knows this as well as anyone. But I guess I sort of owe him one for that because I really may never have found my way to that interview.

I wasn't planning on doing a special on him today. I wasn't even planning on blogging. But when I got an email of his, I just had to laugh. A few weeks ago, I told him about my blog. But since i know him pretty darn well, figured he'd never even read it. But you never know...first TS comments and now this cousin reads it?! What is this world coming to? I can only say that his better manners, friendly disposition and less procrastinating-self could only be the influence of his wonderful wife. I'm glad he found someone to keep his ass in gear. But I guess stranger things have happened. We will refer to him, from now on as AC (Anti-Chrysler).


I never knew you had a blog. Perhaps you mentioned it and it made no impression upon me because I didn't think it was this involved.

Damn your log is esoteric... However, I loved the Chrysler reference. That's right C-H-R-Y-S-L-E-R, with a freaking "H"... it is really not that hard to spell so I don't want to see that mistake again.

Anyway I didn't read it all, but I read a lot. I almost stopped reading entirely and removed the blog from my favorites list when I read the "clean your kitty cat" comment, but I bit my lip and progressed.

I must say, I really enjoyed your writing. The Perfect 10 post was great and very entertaining. Wow... I learned a lot about you on this one, it was interesting stuff though and I hope you find someone who is at least a 9.5 as you deserve it... even though you are being called a prude of sorts... which is total jealousy on their part because you have moral dignity and I think that is awesome.

- AC

So again, I am chastised for my spelling. Deal with it, guys, it's not getting any better! HOPES I find a Pefect 10...pashaw...if COURSE I will...and none of that 9.5 crap..PLEASE. But that definitely made me think about what would knock someone from a 10 to a 9.5. I started to think how much the WRONG vehicle would cost a guy in Gracie-land. I started to think about extra credit for being tall...someone should definitely come up with some scientific equation.


Blogger Earnest said...

you know the kitty cat comment wasnt mine...i was just relating a that i thought had a good moral...i cant think of it just yet..but i will...

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