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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I know I said I might be gone a week, and it's only been two days but THIS is blogworthy!

If you heard an exclaimatory noise coming from southern Florida on Sunday morning, it was probably the sound of me discovering Shiner Boch at a local grocery store. If you heard that same sound coming from the same general direction earlier this evening, it was really just me discovering that at the same local grocery store, they also sell Ritter Sport, of course, not in my favorite variety, but Ritter Sport non the less. Shiner, Ritter Sport and Cafe Dumond coffee, ALL at the same store?!?!?! I am officially in love with that store.

I tried to tell myself that chocolate and beer were not Ok to have for dinner, especially when my glands are swollen. But I wouldn't listen.

Dude, maybe they have Tuborg there! I'm totally going back tomorrow!


Blogger Earnest said...

1) they dont have shiner everywhere??? WTF??
2) Since when did you start drinking bayou coffee??? is it the yellow tin? Cafe Du Monde by the way is correct spelling...not to souind like ruthie/ know CDM (cafe du monde) is the same thing but like 1/2 the price because its not packaged for the whole tourist if you see yellow bags with cdm you should check it out..
3) whats your favorite ritter sport?
3A) so i was going to blogg this on my site but since you started it with chocolate i'll do it here...
The turning point of my day, which had been even shitier than yesterday! was after SIX classes today (off day...we dont usualy have that many but i had TWO research classes and an extra property class to start prepping for the exam...anyway....) the turning point was when in my WestLaw training session the representative sent around a halloween basket filled with candy...and it was filled with Dove Choc. i had a couple of pieces of that...and at 5pm my day went from rotten to not so bad....i reminded me of Harry Potter with the dementors...except it was earnest hem. and the professors...

12:12 AM  
Blogger Einstein said...

speaking of harry potter do you remember before key west we were eating the harry potter jelly beans. . . and i tasted the earthworm and barf jelly bean. eww sick but way funny

5:36 PM  
Blogger Eleanor said...

i've found touborg...when you come up we'll have some!!! that is, if you bring me some publix cookies!!!

12:39 PM  

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