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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Ben, You Hurt Me

I have confessed my love for Pee Wee, for the Garden State and for Amelie various times on this site. Now, I will confess my deep love and affection for Ben Harper. But I am most unhappy with him at this moment.

I was introduced to Ben back in 2000 when my good sculpture friend loaned me a CD. My interested was again sparked when a boy I had a crush on ended up being into Ben. And then a painting friend was all about Ben. Suddenly Ben was everywhere and I had 10 of his CDs. He's perfectly poetic, cool, chill and fun. Ben can do no wrong.

Now, my sculpture friend who introduced Ben and I is always raving about his concerts and his double-live CD definitely makes me yearn for that experience. I missed out on his concert in Dallas...barely. I also barely missed out when Ben was in Florida 2 summers ago.

So can someone tell me , "WTF is Ben Harper going to be playing on Friday for in a city I have visited 3 times in 3 weeks already? I mean, why didn't someone tell me or something?" It's cruel and unusual punishment. I'm not going, I've made my decision. Besides, I'm pretty sure it's sold out. But I seriously almost cried last night when I realized the news I had heard was indeed true.

Ben, I'll be there some day. You better not go flaking out and becoming a monk or something like Cat Stevens. And you'd better come back to the Sunshine State soon.


Blogger Earnest said...

grace, you have reached a new level of respect in my book tonight!!! the fact that you just used Cat Stevens like that...i cant even begin to tell you how freaking funny that going to urinate el style in about two seconds! great work!!!

11:16 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

um, i'm not sure how i feel about that...

good news...T.S. Elliot should be commenting SOOOOOON from the Carribean!

12:15 AM  
Blogger Earnest said...

WTF!!! iwas paying you a complement..if you dont know how you feel about that, you better find out punk!

i downloaded some of this ben harper you were talking about...hey why dont you ever listen to the stuff i listen too??? its the same kind of music minus baby jesus!?? anyways i liked some of it..

1:05 AM  

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