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Sunday, September 12, 2004


One thing about blogging, I've realized, is that some days are definitely higher quality than others. I think that's what frustrates me most and that's why I've started numerous blogs in the past and left them abandoned. Could that be perfectionism lurking in the depths of my soul. I hope so, because I could definitely use some more of that!

Today I slept in a nice air conditioned and clean apartment, watched some TV, and went to mass. I also got eating lunch accomplished. I would have been more motivated to get things done today, if I hadn't found out that tomorrow is just a teacher work day. Kids come on Tuesday. Honestly, it's a good move though. If they were making teachers and students go to school tomorrow, I'm thinking it would be a rough, rough day for everyone involved.

Yesterday, I helped out the family play "Clean Sweep" at my grandmother's house. Sadly, we have to gut the place because of major roof and wall damage from the storm. There were a few cousins, some aunts and uncles and a couple friends there to do the job of packing her shit up and moving it into storage. I got to handle the bathroom, which was very, very interesting. My grandma's 83 years old, has 7 kids and 21 grandchilden, which can only mean one thing - she has accumulated an ASS load of stuff. It would blow your mind. My mother was helping going through boxes upon boxes of fabric while other aunts were complaining that Grandma wasn't getting rid of enough stuff. I couldn't help but think that in a few decades, my sisters and I could be doing exactly the same thing to my parents house. There were at least 30 garbage bags marked "little girls' clothes". When I opened some of them, I realized that they were mainly clothes from MY family. My mother pretended like she was getting rid of our stuff, but put it at Grandma's house...which means that someone is going to go through it TWICE. I need to stop writing abouto it, or I may, in fact, get hives.

I'm in the process of doing a really really creative blog. It might be too creative though. But I think it's a really good idea. Oh well.


Blogger Eleanor said...

where are all of these past-blogs...were you hiding them from us???

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