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Sunday, September 19, 2004


Good words for your Sunday pleasure by Father Walter J. Ciszek, S.J.

We must constantly return to the catechism truth we learned as children: that God made us to love, reverence, and serve him in this life and so to be happy with him in the next.

We are not saved by doing our own will, but the will of the Father; we do that not by interpreting it or reducing it to mean what we would like it to mean, but by accepting it in its fullness, as made manifest to us by the situations and circumstances and persons his providence sends. It is so simple and yet so difficult.

Each day, and every minute of every day, is given to us by God with that in mind.

We for our part can accept and offer back to God every prayer, work, and suffering of the day, no matter how insignificant or unspectacular they may seem to us. yet it is precisely because our daily circumstances often seem so insignificant and unspectacular that we fail so often in this regard.

It is the seeming smallness of our daily lives and the constancy of things that cause our attention and our good intentions to wander away from the realization that these things, too, are signs of God's will.

Between God and the individual soul; however, there are no insignificant moments; this is the mystery of divine providence


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