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Monday, September 27, 2004

The Results Are In

Answers by 10-year-old-sister during last night’s game of Balderdash:
1) The Great Gabbo is a movie about a band of man-eating monkeys who get arrested for eating women instead of men.
2) Scurryfunger: A finger that has fungus on it and it wriggles around.
3) Zamouse: A cross between a zebra and a mouse.
4) Choil: Pieces of melted colored chalk, sculpted into rope.

Answers by neighborhood friend from high school in last night’s game of Balderdash:
1) Dick Wilson: The doctor who in 1993, invented the most current hair plug technique.
2) I.F.S.: Inner Foosball Society

Answers by 16-year-old-sister who struggled a lot in last night’s game of Balderdash:
1) Lirida Paz: A hairdresser in Talbot, Illinois who was most famous for shampoo, which could also be used for diminishing acne.
2) It Fell From the Sky (movie): An incredible love story between a middle-aged lonely first grade teacher and a martian disguised as a woman.

Answers by Grace, the champion of last night’s game of Balderdash:
1) Dick Wilson: The founder and creator of Shoney’s restraints.
2) P.R.R.I.: Pirana Rescue Resource Institute
3) (Law) In Springfield, Illinois, it is illegal to toss…salad inside a tikki hut while serving liverwurst. (yes, I actually got VOTES for that one)


Blogger Einstein said...

Damn your family is funny.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Earnest said...

actually in IL i think its illegal to toss salad no matter where you least it is in LA

6:39 PM  

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