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Monday, September 20, 2004

Rain Rain Go Away

Today I was one of those wonderful rainy days that are only wonderful to the people who can crawl back into bed, while the rest of us had to make our way to work through dark, wet and nasty streets.

I had to wake up extra early because due to circumstances yesterday evening, I just could not sit still to get work completed. So I thought, I'll get up early, do a powerpoint, make a worksheet, ect, to Kinkos to make the copies, get to school, hook the lap top and all up and be set to go. And all of that went ok until the part where I left the house and went to Kinkos. Dude, isn't the whole thing about Kinkos is that they're open 24 hours a day? So riddle me this...WHY, oh WHY, was it closed at 7am this morning? Kinkos can be such a sham.

So I decided to print off the copies I would have made on my computer at school, which was totally fine. But then, my lap top wouldn't hook up to the ancient TV in my classroom. Damn. My really cool, beautiful, inspiring powerpoint on Pop Art and Roy Lichtenstein complete with actual photos of one of his sculptures from DC with me standing in front of it, down the tubes. Presto chango and I do the lesson on the my little lap top and things go fine. The kids love it. Good class discussion and happy kids. Makes for one happy teacher.

I dodged two bullets and came out with a good day. Made me feel like a real teacher. Good day - even if curling up in bed with a nice book would have been so much more desireable at 5:15am.


Blogger Annie said...

Way to improvise with the schools ancient technology! They need to get with the 2000's! :) haha I bet your the coolest Art teacher!

8:42 PM  

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