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Monday, September 13, 2004

One of Those Nights - One of Those Days

Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day jacking around because I said to myself, "Tomorrow's a teacher work day, kids don't come until Tuesday, so who really cares?" So I went to mass, read, watched TV and talked on the phone. It was Sunday, a day of rest...whoo hoo.

I went over for dinner to my adoptive family here which was fabulous. They have 3 daughters and a son, ages 14 to 4 and are just wonderful. They fed me steak and we played Balderdash. They're such a nice family. I couldn't leave until I saw the six year old's big toe, of which the toenail had been scraped off AND the actual toe nail which she was keeping in her night stand drawer, right next to the shell souvenier she got last week in Key West. She told me she "LOVES toenails". Obviously, it was a spectacular night.

Anyway, so I got up, did my morning routine, ironed some clothes, made some coffee, packed my lunch, went to mass and then headed to school where there were like 2 cars in the parking lot. I wasn't early or anything so I put some context clues together and realized that apparently we did not have school today, even though the secretary called me last Thursday to say that we would HAVE school on Monday. Dude, I need to start paying attention to the news or something.

So, I called my parents, because I had no one else to call and share that bitter/sweet class-is-cancelled-and-I-was-not-prepared-for-this-feeling. They suggested I go up and help my uncle at my grandmother's house. Only, after I drove 35 minutes up there, he told me he didn't need any help. Looks like I have another day of rest.


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