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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Not So Swoopy

My sixteen-year-old sister is very fabulous and cool. She's loves all things Mary Kate and Ashley, but with a punkish sort of flare. Incidently, she loves Garden State and the soundtrack. I sort of scoff at that because SHE'S SIXTEEN...and there's no way a 16 year old could possibly grasp all that that movie is. But hey, I guess at least she has good taste.

But anyway, back to her. She's hip. Very hip. I appreciate hip things, but I've never been the best one to pull them off. I alwasy end up looking like a clown or a freak or something. But she is very hip. Maybe if I had gone to an art school for high school I would have caught on. Who knows though.

So within recent months or so, maybe even the last year, I've sort of decided to embrace the fact that I have a hip 16-year-old-sister and use it! So she does my eye make up and gives me fashion advice. I even illicit that fashion advice. My mother who often rolls her eyes at my taste, completely embraces the taste of this sister. So I figure that I look good and I don't hear crap about it. We all win.

Now, I'vd had relatively short hair my entire life. There are 2 or 3 moments where it's been quite long, but it's never lasted long and I've always had to endure the nagging about cutting it. I did have really short and sort of spikey hair for about a year and I loved it. But in recent months, I've been growing it out and it's getting pretty long.

So my hip sister - not that the others of you AREN'T hip, but I'm going to make the assumption that ya'll get me here - has had long hair for a while. She primps and uses product and straighteners and goop. She also has a couple swoopy bangs that I think look pretty fly. So I've been growing my hair out and asking her opinions on my bangs. She said she would cut them. Said she cut her own. Said she cuts her friends' bangs and even her friends' hair. When does she do this? At lunch, of course.

Her resume seemed fairly decent for a 16 year old violinist and I can be a pretty risky girl with my hair (except for the color, I'll leave that to Al) so I let her at them last night.

It was sort of traumatic and I know I was such a pain. I kept wanting to look while she was doing them and she just kept cutting and styling and blow drying and gooping and cutting, ect. I said, "Please don't make me look ike Ashley Simpson!" She thought that was funny. I mean, it's only a couple bangs and it seemed to take too long. So that was totally making me uneasy. I was sort of scared last night when she had finished doing them. But this morning, I'm sort of ok with them.

The thing is, they're not swoopy like hers. I think they're too short. She said that she had to "work" with hers at first and that hers were short at first and that it's good to be short because then you can grow them out and not have to get them cut. When she told me that I was like, "WTF?!"

(aside: this same sister heard me say, "WTF" and she couldn't believe it. Now, I said the actual letters W-T-F, not what they stand for. She said her friends have been saying that for a year...and I told her I made it up. I mean, I guess other people can have the copyright on that...but I sort of felt pretty cool knowing that I came up with that and hadn't even heard it before)

Back to the bangs: They're not as long as I had hoped, but they're sort of fun. And I was due for a change. In 2 weeks they'll have grown out a bit and I'll love them.

Oh, and by the way, I totally DON'T look like Ashely Simpson, thank goodness. I honestly might have shaved my head already!


Blogger Eleanor said...

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12:41 PM  
Blogger Eleanor said...

yeah for bangs! why don't you send us a pic of the new do?!?!

anyone catch scrubs last night???

12:43 PM  
Blogger Ruthie said...

Wow....much to say....
First, let me start off by saying it's AshlEE Simpson.
Next, neither of you invented the phrase "WTF." Gee whiz...people have been saying that around here forever. And while you're on the subject of being "hip," it's much hipper to say, "WTF, mate?" in an Australian accent.

3:40 PM  
Blogger Einstein said...

Ruthie is right. . . wtf has been around for a while. I do like the addition of wtf, mate. But back to the bangs. I'd like to see a picture of this. And I guess that bangs are coming back in style. My stylist at Toni n Guy has been trying to convince me to get bangs. But I hate bangs. They are such a nuicense (sp?). They're too short then they grow too long and do you really want to go to the salon every couple of weeks just to get bangs cut. AND they itch my forehead which i really think is my major objection to them. But please don't let my issues with bangs stop you fom reaching your beauty potential. And to continue the rambling I wish I had a younger hipper sister. Instead I have three older very controling not so hip sisters who when I bought a jean jacket al El's suggesstion gave me the look. Which brings me to another point. . .when arriving for our trip to key west El snidely remarked that I copied her jean jacket when in fact a month prior while visiting her she told me I needed to get one. I was just following her good fashion sense and then wham!!! poo

4:50 PM  
Blogger Eleanor said...

poo you al -- i was joking with you. i'm glad you have a jean jacket, and even happier that your sisters (one in particular) doesn't approve! get with the times!

and, the jean jacket was an excellent purchase. it has definitely come in handy.

5:19 PM  
Blogger Earnest said...

Please direct all future correspondance to my sister in regards of bangs or no bangs..."I have no opinion on the matter"
Wtf has been around for a while...but i think the saying of the actualy letters w-t-f is too forced and frankly a little gay... i stick with the actual phrase its older than time steadfast in its meaning...
while we are on the topic of gay deep cleansing mask was GREAT! i could tell the difference as soon as i woke up this unsightly oily skin and it worked wonders on my blemish obsession...that being said i know i dont really have oily skin but i cant wait for the 3 days to come up so i can do it again, as per instructions...
gayness gone... you should ask my sister...she'll lay it on you pretty straight with the bangs...she'll be like yeah thats great or no you dumbass you arent 16 get a freaking life! thats why i love her! as a matter of fact i recruit for her wouldnt believe how many people ive met that already go to her....i had no idea...i hand out buisness cards target hot girl with rolex in contracts class...i can spot 'em from a mile away...
oh yeah and dude i dont get cut the bangs shorter so they will grow??? that doesnt make any sense at all!!!

10:50 PM  
Blogger getamac said...

Ageeing with everyone else, yes, WTF is commonly used, and yes, saying just the letters eludes this "gayness" and forced nature also. It makes you sound like a woosie (as I have said the letters and then been made fun of for doing that instead of just saying the phrase).

11:51 PM  

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