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Saturday, September 11, 2004

My Week in Numbers

3 games of Monopoly in 2 days = maxed out of my amount of monopoly for the next 5 years.

6 days of powerlessness

1 generator

1 hot and smelly dog

0 hours of VH1

6 days of french braids

1 drive of 1 hour to find large gas can and gas

1 bag of my very own blow pops eaten by my sneaky sisters

4 monster fans that most certainly helped

2 reunitings with neighborhood high school friends, one of which he told me he was always afraid to go to my house because when he moved in in 5th grade we went to "private school"

1 memory of going to a party at afore mentioned high school friend's house one or two summers after we graduated where he stopped the party to announce that "Grace Aplenty" was drinking ALCOHOL - Dude, what do you think I did in college anyway?

1 family disagreement on choice of gererator powered DVD. Sabrina vs. Little Women. Sabrina won - horray!

Total of 8 hurricane days to make up. Not sure what would be worse school on Saturdays, or goodbye to Spring break. Either way, I may be in school until July.

5 glasses of wine for $4.99 on Friday night.

2 or 3 pitchers of beer shared watching a very, very, very sad game, where .01% of the people felt it was sad like me. But the nice company and 1 nice guy, definitely mde up for it.

1 borderline bold statement made by the color of my shirt upon arriving in town yesterday.


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