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Friday, September 24, 2004

I'd Love to Stop Writing About it, BUT...

Ok, so when I look back on all those blogs I wrote right before Frances, I sort of cringe. I also sort of go, "Good gracious, get a new topic!" I'm tired of writing about hurricanes, talking about them, listening to them on the radio. Dude, I've had it up to here with hurricanes, ok? Still, that's not going to stop me venting here.

So last night, my good friend Eleanor asked what I was doing this weekend. I'm sticking to the same story I told her yesterday, "Most likely sitting in my 'saferoom' that is un-airconditioned and full of parents, 2 sisters, myself and the S.F.'s" The S.F.'s being the grandmothers and extra elderly relatives who live with us. That comes to a grand total of 8 people. If anyone out there in interent-land is wondering, YES, that's too many bodies in an unairconditioned room. The whole concept of the "saferoom" sort of struck me as funny at first and I would use it constantly because they bombard us with it on the radio. It's a common part of southern Florida's vernacular now. But man, I'm really not looking forward to the "saferoom."

It's funny how they're totally saying that this 'cane is coming right for us. Yes, people have freaked out, yes it did take me 1.5 hours to get gas last night and yes, hurricane shutters and plywood are everywhere. But in general, I think people are either a) just really really annoyed or b) they really really don't think it's coming here.

This morning I did what I had to do, and bought my stuff for hurricane preparations. Those two things included rabbit food and Balderdash. I'll let the fam take care of the food, water, gas, generator and all that jazz. I've got the pets and games covered. I'm totally more of a pets and games person. I like to hope that that shows a lot about me.

Anyways, tomorrow morning I'll pack up the car. And this time, I totally know what to bring. Towels, because they get dirty and smelly and there are 8 people living in the house. Tank tops and shorts because when the power cuts out, it gets HOT. Rollerblades, because after the last hurricane, I got bored and couldn't go drive anywhere and got tired of walking the dog so much because I had cabin fever. Yeah, I'm totally ready.


Blogger Beatrix Kiddo said...

Yeah, well, I'm ready, too. Ready to go someplace else and just escape this crap. I was SO close to just driving to atlanta and hopping a flight out of here- seriously, if I could have found a cheap enough last-minute flight to Hawaii, I'd be on the big island right now.
Hopefully, you'll get out of this one quicker and less psychologically traumatized than the last one. Because, there are quite a few social functions in a certain hub of Southern football which are calling your name...

9:48 AM  

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