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Friday, September 03, 2004

Hurricane Rambling

So it's getting a little boring around here. Can't you just get here already, Frances, so we can be finished with this?

I think that today, Monopoly is inevitable.

If more people in this house were either under the senior citizen age, and over the legal drinking age...or, who am I kidding, nearer to the legal driving age, a nice scandalous drinking game would be fun.

It might also be fun if we had something other than rum, wine coolers and some BLUE prepackaged hurricane concoction.

Here's some news for you:

My dad and I went to the store last night to purchase reinforcements. I had a list for making a homemade hurricane. But we found this bottle of Bacardi Blue Hurricane stuff and he said we should get that, instead of 4 or 5 different types of rum and whatnot. He said that it would be cheaper and that we were really just buying it for the novelty. Since he was the one buying, and since I'm a relatively understanding daughter, I was alright with that.

We bring the stuff home and my mom says, "Oh, I THOUGHT hurricanes were blue!"

And I said, "NO, hurricanes are NOT blue."

She said, "No, I think that I knew that."

Again, I said, "NO, hurricanes are NOT blue."

She said, "Well, why is THIS blue?"

And I said, "That's a really, really good question."

As if Bacardi knows anything about making hurricanes, is what I have to say.

My mother, who sent my sister and I out yesterday to 4 churches to get some emergency Holy Water, is telling ME that hurricanes are blue. Hurricanes are not even CLOSE to blue. If we were to set up a color wheel and put our fingers on the spot where the actual color of a hurricane is - a reddish/orangish/pink - and then put our other finger on the spot where BLUE is, our two fingers wouldn't be anywhere near each other.

Mom, I've been to the Hurricane capital of the world at least once a year, for the past few years. I have the battle wounds to prove it. I also have pictures of red tonges to prove it.

So, the blue stuff sort of smelled like that familiar smell. And at first, I thought it wasn't that bad. But then it really was. It really, really was that bad. Now we're stuck with a vat of blue stuff. Maybe Pablo would like that. That might make a hurricane a lot more fun.


Blogger Einstein said...

I want to be in FL celebrating Frances. . . alcohol sounds really after spending days in the OR. drink some vodka for me . . . you know its my favorite

1:05 PM  
Blogger Earnest said...

im not even going to comment

7:59 PM  

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