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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Someone On My Mind

This little boy I teach eighth period is just the most hillarious and precious thing. I would tell you his name, but I don't want to get in trouble or anything. Just know that his last name is very Polish sounding with "Wahoo!" in the midst, which totally matches him because he's a very excitable and outbursting kid. But in a good way. He's blond, clean and has classes and whenever I call roll looks up and is all wide-eyed and loud.

I have a restroom in my classroom, which is nice. But at the beginning of the year I had a dilemma of whether to allow my kids to use it. The janitor said that he wouldn't let them, but other teachers seemed to act like they would. So I decided to have a use-the-bathroom-only-twice-per-nine-weeks system. The students can use it only twice each the whole quarter. I figure that this allows them to use it, but also makes them take responsibility and ration out their chances to use the bathroom.

So one of the first things of note about this little kid, besides his excitable nature is that he asked to use the bathroom like the second day of school. And then he asked to use it about 4 days later. All the other kids were like, "NO, don't go NOW, you only have one more chance!" They were funny - really concerned. But, this kid took the gamble and went anyway. I sort of remember him mentioning something about medication that made him have to go more, but when I pursued asking him about it, he said he wasn't on medication.

Well, the next day or so, I was in an ESE meeting where the specialist went over with some of us the kids who were learning disabled or something. This kid was one of them. So after that, I moved him right up front to where I teach from and I paid closer attention to his drawings. I noticed immediately that they his motor skills were under grade level and that he had trouble following my directions of how to draw a face.

He had asked to go to the bathroom, after his two chances, so I took him aside privately and asked about this medication. He said that he had been on medication for ADD that made him have to go to the bathroom a lot, but that he is not on it right now, but that he still has to go a lot. So I let him have "special permission" to go whenever. He's not one of those sneaky kids that asks to go to the bathroom when their bored or annoyed or something. Thus, I let it slide.

So during class, while everyone is drawing, I sit up in the front and take care of business and help him. And WOW does he need a lot of attention. I must have told everyone about 35 times that the eyes go half way down the face. We even folded the paper and made patterns and I had the overhead projection up. And still, it took him a long time to get that through his head. I work with him and as the other kids need help, they come up on the other side for individual assistance. It seems to be working out in this class.

As a whole, they're a cool group of kids. No one's annoying or needy or irritating. They're really active though and really talkative. REALLY talkative, but not in a disrespectful way. I think that I've got a lot of the gifted kids in there. I can sort of tell that they're pretty on the ball. And they're funnier than the other classes. From knowing what it's like to be in the "gifted" classes when I was in school, putting a bunch of gifted kids together in one room can equal absolute insanity. I may be dealing with that here.

There's also the cutest little kid who's little and super organized. His name kills me. His first name is a city in Italy and his last name is VERY Italian. He also has this sweet way of tawking wike a wittle kid. I love it! His mom told me that art is his favorite class. I may or may not have a crush on him. Please don't report me.


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