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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Other People's Parents

Thursday night is my first Open House with the Parents night. We see each class for only 8 minutes, and that's all of NOTHING, so it's no big deal. But to be perfectly honest, it makes me freak out when I think about it. Just me and the parents. Scary.

I got my first nasty note back from a parent today. I know and KNEW I was totally in the right on the whole situation, which incidently was not that big of a deal. But it sort of bothered me. Parents. I hate them.

It'll also just be wierd to be on the other side of the Open House Night. The side that never got to go. Every year when my mom and dad went to my open houses, I'd always wait up for them to come home and ask them all about what they thought of my teachers. Now, I'm the one everyone is coming to meet.

Being on the other side is sort of surreal. Like during the televised morning announcements. These kids LIVE for the morning announcements. If I forget to turn on the TV, they're all like, "What about morning announcements, Ms. Grace?" I remember getting all excited for that sort of thing too. It was so exciting to see that eighth grader or whatever get up and bumble over words and crack silly jokes. But let me tell you, those morning announcements are just a big fat plate of nothing. But hey, for sixth graders, it's the little things, I guess.

The little things like, being impressed that I can name all the presidents of the United States in order. Impressed that I know how to tell the difference between a crocodile and an aligator. Impressed by my 10 minute contour line drawing of my shoe. It's all about the respect, guys. And I'm earning it inch by inch.

I think that this grade might just be perfect for me. I think you push me up to eighth graders and they'd think I was the biggest, squarest, lamest, jerk of a teacher ever.

Too bad that I don't think they're parents will be impressed by that sort of thing. Oh well, I'll do what I can.


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