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Monday, August 30, 2004


So after 3 hectic, but good weeks, I feel like I have my feet on the ground. I feel like I live in my apartment and I feel like I can do this teaching thing. Not that I didn't before, I guess. Just even better now.

Cleaned the closet - check.
Organized the piles of books all over the floor - check.
Put away the clothes, hither, thither and yon - check.
Vacuumed - check.
Turned in lesson plans to be reviewed by principal - check.
Apparently am doing just fine as far as lesson planning, as evidenced by principal's signature and smiley face sticker - check.
Watched the video music awards while printing out headshots of my students for their self-portraits - check.
Cleaned out those nasty shelves in my classroom - check.
Time for making dinner, a powerpoint, and finally finishing that nasty order - check.
1 glass of wine - (hopefully we'll check that off this evening.

Not too bad of a feeling on a Monday afternoon. Quite a change from the dread and slight anxiety I felt this morning..."Ah, I only had 6 hours of sleep...What if these kids can't do grid drawings?...Am I a bad art teacher for making them do grid drawings?...Are they going to hate me for these grid drawings?...Do grid drawings really fit with my postmodern art education philosophy?...What if the principal totally calls BS on my lesson plans, ESOL adaptations and Sunshine State Standards lins?...Because she totally could, I made all that shit up?..."

Monday morning anxiety can be so unfounded sometimes.


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